13-year-old Girl Goes on 68-day Dry Fasting to Bring Good Luck to Family…View Details

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A young girl who had only gone on dry fasting to bring good luck to her family has ended up with much more than she bargained.


A 13-year-old girl from Jain in India has died in the city after observing a 68-day fast.

According to reports, the girl, identified only as Aradhana, observed the ‘Chaturmas’ fast to bring good luck to her family. Her father, Laxmichand Sansadiya, had recently suffered huge loss in his jewellery business.

A Chennai-based priest had advised the girl’s parents to ask their daughter to observe the ‘Chaturmas’ fast in order to recover from the loss in business and earn huge profits.

Aradhana’s 10-week long fast ended on the 3rd October and it was celebrated with a huge event at their house called ‘Paarana’. The event was also attended by Padma Rao, a Telangana minister from Secunderabad area.

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Soon after, she was rushed to a hospital because of dehydration. The girl had slipped into coma after prolonged starvation and the doctors said that her intestines had dried up after the fasting and both her kidneys were also severely damaged.

The doctors declared her ‘brought dead’.

A complaint has been lodged by the child rights’ association seeking immediate action against Aradhana’s parents.

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