50 Nigerian Students Arrested Over Turkey Failed Coup

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The Turkish government have alleged arrested 50 Nigerian student over the botched military coup in the country.

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Most of the students are said to study with Fathi University.

A relative of one of the detained students told Our Newsmen that the students’ passports were seized.

“Upon arrival at Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul, they were all escorted to a room and their passport confiscated by Turkish police,” the relative was quoted as saying.

“When they enquired why they were clamped in a dirty room, the police said they are students of a terrorist organisation. They offered to transfer them to government schools but on the condition that we will pay same fees as private universities.”

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Hakan Cakil, Turkish ambassador to Nigeria had asked Nigeria to close down 17 turkish schools in the country, claiming that were indirectly involved in the coup.

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  1. I said it a long time ago... the Turkish Govt is going too far in its clampdown of its perceived enemies.

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