Al-Mustapha faults government on herdsmen clashes

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Major Hamza Al-Mustapha, has blamed the recurring herdsmen clash with host communities to failure on Nigeria leadership.


Al-Mustapha who was Former Chief Security Officer, CSO, to the late military head of state, Gen. Sani Abacha, spoke in Enugu onFriday, at a lecture he delivered at the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, Enugu, 2016 Press Week.

He said that it was failure on the part of Nigerian leadership that brought about frequent clashes between the farmers and the herdsmen.

He said that what brought about grazing down the Southern part of Nigeria was because of desertification that threatened grazing grounds in the North and the inability to spell out grazing routes.

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Al-Mustapha in the lecture topic titled, “Herdsmen Menace in Nigeria: The Way Forward,” said that Bakassi was ceded wrongly to Cameroun and would one day be returned to Nigeria.

He said that Nigeria was blessed with numerous natural resources tapped and untapped including the Bakassi Peninsula.

“Bakassi was given to Cameroon wrongfully. I pray that Bakassi will be back to Nigeria,” Al-Mustapha said.

Al-Mustapha said that Nigerians hardly knew who they were, where they were and what next to do pointing out that if they knew who they are, they will know that Nigeria is staying on top of oasis of wealth without releasing it.

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He lamented that the problem Nigeria has is that she lacks patriotic people that will harness the abundant resources.

“We have resources unknown in Nigerian soil. Do we know who we are in Nigeria? Oasis is beneath us in Nigeria while we are in desert,” Al-Mustapha said saying that with patriotism, Nigeria will achieve her potential.

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  1. Idiot al- mustafa, when you were CSO under the dictator Abacha,what did you do regarding this to improve desertification? Instead you and Sergeant Roberts were the killer goons of that Regime. We do not want your opinion you murdering nincompoop!!!

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