All Nigerians are corrupt – Governor Ajimobi

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Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State has taken a look at the current happenings in the country and why development and economic growth have continued to elude us as a nation, and declared: “All Nigerians are corrupt”.


He spoke at the first anniversary of Petals FM (102.3), owned by Yinka Odumakin and Joe Odumakin, in Ibadan where a renowned political scientist, Prof Adigun Agbaje, delivered a thought- provoking lecture.

Ajimobi said unlike the feelings of all and sundry that financial corruption was the bane for the nation’s underdevelopment, there were far more other things that were hindering the development and greatness of Nigeria.

These, according to the governor, include attitudinal corruption, religious corruption, character corruption, and other forms of corruption with which individual Nigerians are daily involved.

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He said unless, as Nigerians, we retrace our steps, and join in the ‘change begins with me’ mantra of President Buhari’s administration, the nation risks going into extinction.

6 thoughts on “All Nigerians are corrupt – Governor Ajimobi

  1. Better to say all men are corrupt! All those issues mentioned are not necessarily peculiar to Nigerians. They pervade every social clime, be it in the West or South economies.

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  2. If everyone was corrupt, then no one is is like saying everyone is mad in a town, then, no one is mad because it feels normal to do what mad people do in the land of the mad.
    Don't generalise to trivialise what has destroyed the lives of many cannot lump ACTIVELY corrupt people with everyone else to excuse their evil.

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  3. He is not a Nigerian, you know how it is, he is the humble governor of Oyo State state they say he is Not corrupt. Ha - Haa!

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