As Recession Bites Harder, Popular Nigerian Senator Buys N180 million Rolls Royce Luxury Car (Photos)

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Amid a national recession that has left millions of Nigerians struggling to feed daily, high-spending Nigerian senator has acquired a 93-year-old Rolls Royce estimated at N180 million.

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Influential APC politician and the senator representing Kogi Central, Dino Melaye, has reportedly acquired a 93-year-old Rolls Royce estimated at N180 million, amid a national recession that has left millions of his compatriots struggling to feed daily.

According to reports, the flamboyant senator who owns a fleet of luxury and antiquated cars worth billions of Naira, has at least 28 of the expensive cars parked at his upmarket residence in Maitama Abuja.

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The Rolls Royce has the registration number “MELAYE 2” and is believed to cost some $400,000.

Speaking to a correspondent, a close source said the car was purchased in Las Vegas, in the United States of America.

“Senator Dino Melaye is very smart, he actually got the car from Las Vegas two years ago. At that time, he was busy committed with anti-graft crusade as Executive Secretary of Anti-Corruption Network (ACN) but decided to keep it in secrecy,” the source said.

The chairman of the Senate Committee on the Federal Capital Territory reportedly released the photographs of the vehicle as he prepared to exhibit the exotic model at the National Assembly this week.

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10 thoughts on “As Recession Bites Harder, Popular Nigerian Senator Buys N180 million Rolls Royce Luxury Car (Photos)

  1. When I saw the headline I knew it's Dino malaye ye man.
    What type of signal is he sending...

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  2. What business does he have that brings in money, apart from politics? No wonder our economy is in recession

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  3. This man can't be sane because if really he is sane, how can he be flaunting so much wealth knowing fully well that people in his constituency are lamenting the biting hardship. Am really really shock beyond shock.

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    You should ask me WHY?
    One of my IJAW sisters made this statement Ten years ago when confronted with the Question ; " Why did Late Guv Alams stole so much money from his people?".
    Her Response ; "NA WE MONEY ". Hence my Sarcastic Support for the INSANE SPENDER.

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  5. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, indiscipline is everywhere in the system. I think there will be heavy revolution one day in this country. when the looters will surrender.

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  6. Anybody with a property or car must be probed. Don't people work and earn money on their own anymore in this country? Have you probed the PMB wife with a watch alleged to be valued at $250,000? But yet, that is the President's wife which such watch can be a gift from a visiting President or even a Business man of Politician with some interest which need to pass through the wife to get his bid through.
    Just like the madness going on, where the ex-president's wife accounts are being fingered up and down in the name of corruption. If one may ask, what was her position in Government that demanded asking questions over the money in her account?
    It is the custom worldwide that when you visit a man's house and you get treated well, it is the wife that get the cash gift, not he man. Even, in-laws. It is the mother-in-law that gets the cash, while the father-in-law gets the Whisky or wine. What then people expects a president's wife will get from the millions of persons seeking favour all over the country and would like to please the President's wife.
    At the end of PMB era, please let us open the vault of Madam first lady, whether we will not find millions in dollars, pounds and billions of naira. 2019 is not fare away.

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