Bizarre: Indonesian Villagers Dig Up Dead Relatives From The Grave & Give Them Makeovers (Photos)

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Report gathered that a village known as Toraja in South Sulawesi, Indonesia practices what many will term ‘the most bizarre’ ritual ever as villagers every three years dig up the corpses of loved ones and give them make overs in an event called the ‘Ceremony of Cleaning Corpses’.

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As part of the zombie ceremony, even the skeletons of children are exhumed, damaged coffins are fixed or replaced before the mummies are walked around the area by following a path of straight lines during the ritual.

Herman Tandi, 32 dug up the skeletons of his grand parents Jesaya Tandibua and Yakolina Namanda, brushed their hair and wore them wedding suits.

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In another part of the village, another family dug up the skeleton of their relative, an army veteran that’s been buried for ten years, and then dressed him in army uniform for the ceremony also known as Ma’nene ritual before taking ‘family’ pictures with him.

Another man’s skeleton, Paul Sampe Lumba, who has been dead for seven years, was given glasses, a tie and a striped blazer so he could look good in the family photo while Ne’Tampo, dead for 30 years receives his own make over .

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The villagers have an ancient belief that a person’s spirit must return to their place of origin so the more they go to the morgue, the better.

9 thoughts on “Bizarre: Indonesian Villagers Dig Up Dead Relatives From The Grave & Give Them Makeovers (Photos)

  1. Total nonsense. Na them dey touch dead pple come dey spread diseases like ebola and Co abi? Satan purnish them

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  2. That is what many cultures in Nigeria do in different ways like Bimbo people, The Yorubas and others. Ceremonies of turning the body of their fathers figuratively in ceremonies that cost a lot of money in celebrations. These are physically turning the dead ones around and making them look beautiful. It is part of packaging as with the living.

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  3. I wonder y some people cannot accommodate other people's cultures.

    Ok..what wil u say of India where they Burn the dead? Or of parts of China where they have standing graves, bodies stacked in tombs like drawers?

    Travelling they say is part of education, now with social media u don't need to physically travel.

    Adelove thanks jare

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