Bizarre! Man Films Himself Eating His Own Wife’s Placenta as Part of Breakfast (Photos+Video)

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A man has shocked people with his really bizarre act after he was caught on camera eating his wife’s placenta.



A father-of-two has left the internet reeling after posting a video of him eating his wife’s placenta with a full English fry-up.

Ross Watson, 32, from Darlington, Co Durham, tucked into the organ after his wife Heather, 38, gave birth to their baby boy last week – seasoning it with pepper and brown sauce.

The insurance broker said he was keen to try out the ‘edible and nutritious’ foodstuff as baby Lachlan would be their last child – so it was ‘now or never’.

He recorded the entire thing, posting photos and videos to his Facebook page where he encouraged his friends to share them.

Speaking of his wife’s reaction, Ross, who is also father to four-year-old Georgie, told News men: ‘She was disgusted but not surprised as it’s me. I have form for crazy things.

But the images have horrified social media users who branded it ‘vile’ and ‘horrendous’. One commentator wrote: ‘God above. Surely this is borderline f***ing cannibalism.’

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Facebook user Ian Hill wrote: ‘I don’t want to live on this planet anymore,’ while Debs Dickensen said: ‘Nope! Nope! Nope!’

However Ross insists the backlash is all a big fuss over nothing, adding: ‘I like the shock of some people when the reality is it’s not that bad. And I can say I have done something millions haven’t.’

The pictures show Ross emptying the plastic bag containing the placenta into a colander in the sink to drain it.

He then deposits it onto a plate and tucks in. In the accompanying video, he is seen eating a cooked version and a raw version to compare the taste.

He says: ‘As you know, or some people might be aware, I’ve already said I’m going to eat my wife’s placenta. I don’t think anybody’s done this for a long, long time – certainly no husbands have done it.

‘I’ve got a wee raw bit there which I’ve already garnished with some salt and pepper. I’ve tried it already, it’s not too bad.’

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He adds: ‘I’ve got my breakfast and I’ve got some cooked bits of placenta there as well which actually taste pretty good. So here goes, here’s a raw bit.’

Ross then eats a small amount using his hands, joking: ‘This isn’t as good as the umbilical cord spaghetti, by the way.’

He looks unconvinced as he chews, commenting: ‘I think I’ll have some beans with that bit. It’s definitely better cooked.’

Taking a piece of cooked placenta, Ross adds: ‘That’s gone cold so I’ll have some beans to warm it up and all.
‘That’s it; about nine months in the cooking and ten minutes in the eating. Cheers.’

When asked what had inspired him to do it, Ross insisted that he ‘had to give it a bash’, explaining: ‘no more kids after this one so won’t ever get chance again haha.’

He added: ‘Doesn’t really taste like anything (…) pepper and brown sauce.’

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Ross, who ate the placenta last Wednesday, two days after his son was born, even shared the stomach-churning pictures on a Facebook page called the Fry Up Police, writing: ‘New to the group and having just read the rules I am expecting a brutal roasting here, never mind here it is.

‘I ate my wife’s placenta and cooked it with black pudding, sausages, beans and toast. It was never intended as a full fry up, more a collection of my favourite parts plus placenta!

‘There’s some brutal pics to accompany the final video but was unsure whether to post them.’

And for those wondering what it tasted like, Ross said he was underwhelmed by the result, explaining: ‘It doesn’t taste of much at all really, like having a second tongue.

‘I needed the beans to help swallow it down and only managed 4 more mouthfuls after the video ended before my sanity reassumed (sic.)’

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  1. These people are demons in human, they act this way to encourage people to eat thier wife placenta. This is a child of the devil. No one can belongs to God and eat a placenta. Am sure someone will follow this footstep. This is what satan is doin g to humanity to bring them down to hell fire and punish them there but Don't let the blood of Jesus go in vain in your life. Repent today and follow Jesus

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