BREAKING!!! Buhari appoints new Supreme Court Justices

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Amid crisis rocking the judiciary, President Muhammadu Buhari has requested the Senate to consider and confirm the nominations of two judges as Justices of the Supreme Court.


The Senate President, Bukola Saraki, read the letter conveying the request after the Senate returned from closed-door session on Tuesday.

The nominated judges are Sidi Bage, Nasarawa State, North Central; and Paul Jauro, Taraba State, North East.

In the letter read by Saraki, Buhari said his request followed Section 231(2) of the Constitution of Nigeria, as amended.

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The President sought expeditious attention of the Senate, Mr. Saraki read. Jauro, who was born on June 26, 1954, became judge of the High Court in 1998. Ten years afterwards, he was appointed Justice of the Court Appeal.

Bage, born on June 22, 1956, became Federal High Court Judge in 1992 before his appointment as Justice of the Court of Appeal in 2000.

The two Judges had been recommended for appointment as Justices of the Supreme Court by the National Judicial Council.

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Their nominations came amid a clampdown on allegedly corrupt judges in the High, Appeal and the Supreme Courts, by the State Security Service.

Of the 15 said to be under investigation, seven were arrested weekend.

They were granted bail on Monday on self-recognisance.

30 thoughts on “BREAKING!!! Buhari appoints new Supreme Court Justices

  1. I am loving this man called Buhari everyday that goes by... he has a plan and he seems to be going by it not minding any distraction.

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  2. We are too emotional and divided along tribal lines. We are only like this when it comes to interests and positions. When it comes to sharing the loot, it is no more on tribal lines. How can a Judge be termed as been corrupt? A judge has become a politician. A judge would have Billions in his coffers. It should be unheard off. When cases are postponed for decades and the poor and innocent are unjustly imprisoned and persecuted we don't say anything. Social justice and equity rests in this arm of the society and yet, we criticize. Make the man do him term finish make we judge am. Na wa o!

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  3. What has nothern oligacy got to do with Buhari sending the names that were recomended by NJC to senate for approoval. Is the president the chairman of national judicial council ? My friend, your level of ignorance is highly profound.

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  4. North game plan. Chief Judge from north. Buhari is creating a situation that will one day break Nigeria into pieces. Ok watching!

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