Breaking!!! House of Reps summons DSS DG

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10 thoughts on “Breaking!!! House of Reps summons DSS DG

  1. This is part of the rotteness of this corruption infested nation called Nigeria
    Why must the house of reps waste precious time meddling into the arrest of some citizens who were accused of taking bribe to subvert justice
    Last time I checked, judges are not covered by any immunity
    So why all the fuss about the arrest of some set of Nigerian citizens for a case of suspected criminal activities, whe there are several poor folks languishing in jail for much lesser offence
    There can never be real peace or progress in any nation where some set of people can commit crime with impunity
    All the accused judges should face justice without all these manipulative and shameful devices by corruption sympathisers in their bid to make them escape trial

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  2. I will reserve my main comments until the DSS Director honors the Reps. But let me remain Nigerians that recently in Ghana, judges were dismissed and some prosecuted on account of corruption
    Why is Nigeria different?

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  3. Please these jobless and corrupt Reps, whatever they call themselves should not distract the DSS and its leadership from the onerous task of trying to clean the heap of mess called corruption that is almost killing Nigeria & Nigerians!

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