Civil Servant Collapses After His Salary was Slashed From N18,000 to N5,000 in Kebbi State (Photo)

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An Ngaski Local Government Council worker in Kebbi State, has reportedly fainted and nearly lost his life after his salary was slashed.


The harsh economic condition in Nigeria is beginning to tell more on the people as a man allegedly collapsed in Kebbi state after his salary was slashed from N18,000 to N5,000.

This is how Na-Allah Mohammed Zagga narrated the story.


“Look at what our so-called democracy has done to him! The man in this picture was trying to pull himself together after he collapsed in reaction to the slashing of his salary from N18, 000 to five thousand naira by the Ngaski Local Government Council of Kebbi State. The poor Nigerians are the guinea pigs of economic sacrifices brought on by the recession. Why are the so-called elected leaders not making substantial and significant sacrifices to reflect our economic realities?

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“Why must the burden of sacrifices be disproportionately borne by poor Nigerians? Governor Tanko Al-Makura of Nassarawa State is locked in labour crisis after proposing severe salary cut from the current N18, 000. The NLC dismissed it as ridiculous, wondering how you can slash eighteen thousand minimum wage when a bag of rice sells for more than twenty thousand naira!

“This is a country where our so-called representatives are carting away millions monthly as salaries and allowances while millions of poor Nigerians are buffeted daily by hunger, poverty and starvation. The former President of Lagos Business School Professor Pat Utomi described Nigerian democracy as “the government of politicians, by politicians and for politicians.” I can’t agree more.- -“

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  1. Why na? This is cruel oh.. ontop, recession... The man prick sef no go dey gree rise for night again

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  2. When Buhari finish killing all zombies, his eye will clear.... They are collecting millions I'm allowances, so they can't feel what average Nigerians are feeling..

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