Colleges of education should have highest cut-off points, says Bankole

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A former Speaker, House of Representatives, Dimeji Bankole, has said the nation’s colleges of education should have the highest cut-off points.


He said they should also attract the smartest applicants because they were crucial to development of the future of the country.

He said the current cut-off points of 130 for entry into the colleges of education did not augur well for the builders and moulders of future leaders.

Bankole said this last Thursday at the second distinguished guest lecture of the Year 2016 Registry Day of the Federal College of Education, Osiele, Abeokuta.

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He explained that Nigeria was suffering from bad leadership because of bad teachers.

He said, “At present, to gain admission into universities and polytechnics, students must achieve pass marks at or above the cut-off points of 160-180.

“On the same scale of measurement, the cut-off point for admission to a college of education is 130. This means that the system is pre-disposed to select poorer academic performers to train as teachers for our children.”

“If we are selecting poorer academic performers to train and teach our students, how can we expect our students to be high achievers, if all through their formative academic years, they are separated from the brightest minds and not forced to push themselves past the standards and achievements of individuals who are unable to gain admission into university?

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“This is no joking matter. Our colleges of education should have the highest cut-off points, attract the smartest students, because they matter too much for the future of this country.”

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  1. That will be very great if that happens!!!!go to Ghana and some other country to see the way they develop there teachers

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  2. Many people or leaders of this country has forgotten so soon that is through most of this collage teachers that made them what they are today!!!so if the government can do some thing about it!!!it will be a great benefit for the country as a whole to eradicate corruption and so many other thing affecting us

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