Conjoined Twins Whose Parents Abandoned at Birth, Celebrates Their 14th Birthday (Photos)

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Twin sisters conjoined at the head who were abandoned at birth by their parents who couldn’t afford to look after them, have celebrated their 14th birthdays.

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Veena and Vani who are two conjoined twin sisters and were reportedly abandoned by their parents at a hospital and have been raised by the staff since their birth in 2004, have celebrated their 14th birthdays.

According to reports, the twins have spent the majority of their life in one room which has only one window for them see the outside world, were abandoned by their parents, from Hyderabad, India, after an initial operation to separate the pair.

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It was gathered that the parents had promised to take them back if the whole process by surgeons gets completed, but unfortunately no follow-up surgery has taken place and experts say it is unlikely it will ever happen.

As all medics claim the risk of surgery has increased as they have grown older, the twins are now reportedly being prepared to move out of the hospital – their home for 11 years – and into a special home.

Experts believe it is essential for their psychological and social development as teenagers.

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Happy 14th Birthday to them!!!

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