Couple Filmed Bonking in Broad Daylight on the Front Step of their Home (Photos)

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A couple who must have overdosed on drugs disgraced themselves after they threw caution to the wind and engaged in coitus outside their home.



A senseless couple left many shocked after they dumped their rooms to have s*x on the front step of their home. The bizarre incident happened in a quiet residential street in Brooklyn, New York.

The incident was caught on camera by a man driving along the street.

According to reports, the spectacular display comes into full focus, with the two lovers fully lost in their antics as the man drove down the road. They were filmed stark n*ked and bonking in public with the door still wide open.

Eventually, the pair become aware of the increasingly raucous laughter coming from the street below and take a quick break in the action to retreat back inside.

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Almost half a million people have seen the clip since it was posted on video sharing site LiveLeak, although it is not clear when the video was shot.

“This will get you marked for life as a s*x offender if you get caught. They show zero respect for people who might have kids exposed to their activity.

“Typical selfish please-look-at-us assholes. Do that at your swingers club,” the ranted continued, before adding: “But nonetheless, pretty funny stuff.” someone wrote on the comment section.

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