Don’t bring looted money to my church – Popular Abuja Pastor, Sarah Omakwu warns

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Senior Pastor of the Family Worship Centre (FWC) in Abuja, Sarah Omakwu, has warned members not to offer stolen money to the church as tithes and offerings.


Omakwu said this on Sunday, while delivering a sermon, stating that she is not condemning sinners but money gotten from illegal means should not be brought to the church.

According to her, you cannot be stealing money and take it to church expecting to be forgiven by grace.

“Any money that you cannot explain to God, don’t bring it to this church.

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“If you are in the civil service and you have stolen money, please don’t bring the tithe to this church; I say this in Jesus name. You cannot do all that and then think you come to church and say a short prayer, that God will forgive you because of Grace.

“In church today, you see Christian ladies dress and there is no difference between them and prostitutes. What harlots wear to the bar, you wear to church in the name of Grace; nobody can persecute you because the devil has you already.

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“If you are a prostitute here today, I do not condemn you. You are my sister; you are a daughter of Abraham and your body belongs to the Lord. I know some girls do this because they have bills to pay and you the man, you have the money but you cannot help them unless you sleep with them.

“You the man who takes advantage of those young girls, what you give to them, your own children will have it too. Bible says rejoice with the wife of your youth and let her breasts satisfy you. Stop all these strange breasts everywhere. You may say, Pastor why are you cursing us? No I am not cursing you; I am praying you out of your depravity.

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“If you have stolen money, don’t bring it to this church; I repeat it in Jesus name. Someone says pastor, we will miss money. Yes, I will rather miss your money and have you make heaven.

“Christians should be a standing rebuke to the world.”

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