DSS lied about money in judge’s house, says Wike

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Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has described as untrue claims by the Department of State Services (DSS) that $2 million (about N900 million) was found in the house of a federal high court judge.


Also, the Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) in Port Harcourt, Victor Briggs, and the former National Secretary General of NBA, Nimi Walson-Jack, said the attempt to abduct a judge by federal security operatives is intimidation and abuse of the rule of law.

Wike said it was preposterous for the DSS to resort to deliberate misinformation and concocted stories, “to justify its unconstitutional assault on the nation’s judiciary.”

He argued that DSS lacks the constitutional powers to be involved in the legal process to discipline a serving judicial official because there is a legal process that must be .

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The governor, during a special dinner for the management and players of Rivers United at the Government House, Port Harcourt, questioned how the DSS operatives who remained outside the building would now declare that N900 million was found in the residence.

10 thoughts on “DSS lied about money in judge’s house, says Wike

  1. Why is this guy, Wike, portraying himself as a dull school boy
    How on earth did he found out that DSS was lying
    A wise governor should demonstrate a sense of fairness at all time and avoid taking sides in any matter
    Wike should face his duty as governor and allow the court to decide if the judges are guilty or not

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  2. This Wike man has verbal diarrhoea. I put it to him that he is an accessory to this crime. DSS pls note for action when his time is up.

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  3. OK, Watin u go do there at that hour?. What has arrest of CG got to do with u government?. I wonder why some leaders make silly statement. But after you block his for arrest, why is he now with DSS after all, n he is going to court?. That shows you went there to pick the $2m evidence. As daft as I am, I understand the reason why u went there with militant and police to stop DSS from entering the binding.

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  4. Mr Governor, your hands are not clean at all. If you present this statement of yours to an intelligent primary four pupil, he will not agree with you, talkless of a JSS1 student. What business are you doing with the Judge that you've to direct militants and the police to prevent the DSS from doing their legal duty. Who made you the spokesman for the Judge. You're currently hiding behind a finger. Nemesis has now caught on you. If you're not aware of the $2m affair how then do you know that DSS are lying when you don't live with the Judge . Will advice the DSS to also carry out a thorough investigation on the accounts of the Commissioner of Police of that state who authorized his men to stop the DSS from doing their job. Wike please know that well meaning Nigerians are no f***s at all.

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  5. The DSS know that $2m was in the judge's house from intelligence available to them. Wike is not competent to question the propriety or otherwise of DSS actions. Obviously his parner-in-crime judge called him to come with thugs to prevent the DSS from discovering and confiscating the bribery money he gave to the judge for his election case.

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  6. Every body can lie but DSS can't lie. From Viewers comments. Is a pity... People just believe DSS and BUHARI of thier cheap blackmail. God save us

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  7. If Some of viewers are blackmail and arrested by DSS. Then u will know the truth. God bless Nigeria

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  8. Wike, in 5 sentences one for each, prove it to us that the DSS is lying.

    If bend go one side make I pass, governor my yash.

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