(Episode 1) At the Eleventh Hour… A Life Lesson Story!

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It is 2am on Friday, the 16th of September, 2016. Mike, in his late twenties is at AsoBill Clubhouse in Wuse II, Abuja. He is in the middle of a dancing crowd. His best friend, Kadir is approaching the crowd on the VIP section. Like many of the clubs in the city of Abuja, AsoBill Clubhouse is owned by one of the most popular Nigerian celebrities and located amidst other clubs on Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent. Mike and Kadir have been friends since high school, they both dreamed of being successful medical doctors, but Kadir’s love for music altered his dreams.


With a stick of cigarette in his left hand, Kadir tries to call the attention of Mike, who is still downstairs dancing with his fiancé, Bella. Bella was one of the most intelligent girls then in the university, with her pointed nose and appropriate curves, which is one of the reasons Mike chose to be with her. During their university days, people called her ‘Beauty and Brains’ and this boosted Mike’s pride, some of them even said she was Beyonce’s missing twin sister.

Bella excuses Mike as he goes up to meet his friend, both of them wearing redshirts

Kadir: “ Bro, why are you here for the second time? Wetin happen? Where is Meenarh?

Mike: “Your sister in law dey my house o” He shakes hands with Kadir,

Kadir: “I surprise say you come back here na. How she take reach your house? Na so una plan the thing?”  He takes a step aside for the lady behind him to pass through.

Mike: “ I go gist you later, that na long story. Bella na witch o! She almost knew about the package, I don dey fear that girl, seff”. Mike looks down the transparent floor to see if his fiancé is still there, where he left her, and then breathes heavily.


Kadir: “Hahahaha you too dey fear, just calm down. Like I told you before, have fun with Meenarh, I’m sure she is still a virgin because my brother Uncle Kay and in wife no dey allow her comot o. So, na tear rubber package be that for you. Count yourself lucky, man”. He consoles Mike.

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“Wallahi, Bella no go suspect anything. Drop her off when she’s high and then head home. I know Meenarh now; she dey sleep like dead fish, you will definitely meet her where you left her, na to continue the main action from there”.

Mike: “Continue which action? Wetin I don start wey I wan continue.”

Disturbed as he sees his fiance coming up the stairs, Mike lowers his voice as he talks to Kadir.

Mike: “Bella don dey come, she don dey come”

Kadir changes the expression on his face, smiles, takes two steps down the stair case and then gives Bella a warm hug.

Kadir: “Queen B! Two days. You don sharey me ko? Na so life be?” he winks at her

Bella: “Haba nooo, my fiance hasn’t told you?” She puts on a straight face.

Kadir: “Told me what?”. He looks at Mike in a way that shows he is expecting some explanations.

Kadir: “You…”

Mike: “Nothing bro”, he cuts in. “Bella wants to put the whole blame on me”. He turns to Bella. ”Tell him why you haven’t been checking up on him and stop telling lies joor”

Bella whispers something into Kadir’s ears and then laughs out loud. Kadir joins in the laughter and forces a handshake on Mike.

Kadir: “Burodah, Congratulations! You guys did not tell me na, I for don arrange children dresses keep” he exclaims in a mocking tone.

Mike: “Congratulations for what now? No be only children dresses, na children ties” he points at Kadir,  “hahaha, something is wrong with the both of you, wallahi.”

Mike and Bella decide to go home, they have been dancing for an hour and as expected, Bella is now drunk. She removes the shoe from her right leg, flings it in the air and begins to laugh like a mad woman who has just snatched some food from a helpless child. From behind, Kadir and his group of friends watch the drama and give Mike the signal to quickly drive her home before the action gets worse.
It did not take Mike much time to drop his fiancé off at her house since she slept all the way home. Even though he feels bad about this feeling, he has always enjoyed taking her home in that state because every time they spend quality time together, they always end up arguing about pointless matters. He remembers the last time they had a disagreement after returning from the club; she had told him about her choice of MC for their wedding. She wanted her ex boyfriend, Bayo to take the role of the MC. Mike never liked the idea because it seemed weird to him. The argument got serious that fateful night that it almost led to a break up.

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On his way home, Mike is stopped at the Military checkpoint few blocks away from his house. The man in the military uniform stretches his hand for money, Mike drops Two hundred Naira note in his hand, drives off and hisses.

Mike: ”What has this country turned into? Or is it the economic recession? Beggars in uniform!” he whispers to himself. He was not able to speak his mind to the soldier at the check point, he knows how much wickedness lives within them. He drives on, imagining what the two hundred Naira will do for him if he adds it to his money for fuel.

Finally, Mike gets home. He throws his car keys on the table, goes straight into the bedroom and continues to hum the ‘Who you Epp’ song he had earlier danced to at the club, he struggles to create some dance steps that do not follow the rhythm of his song, laughs at himself and then opens the door to his bedroom…

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From nowhere, he gets a shock on the head like he has been hit with a baseball bat; what is supposed to be his night of great fulfillment becomes his worst nightmare! Mike loses his balance as he holds the door handle tight, opens his eyes and mouth as wide as he can, goes closer to confirm the image he thinks he is seeing, catches his breath and finally screams,

“Jesus Christ!!! Meenarh wake up! Wake up please, Meenarh you can’t die in my house…Why? You can’t die! Please wake up! Who did this to you? God, I am finished!”

There, lying in the pool of her own blood with several cuts is Meenarh, a girl he left in his room full of life about two hours ago. Mike is too shocked to behold the gory sight, feels his leg quivering as if they could carry the weight of his body no more. He feels himself losing balance, faintly, he grabs the door for support unable to think of what to do.

(Question: What happened in Mike’s house while he was away? Who killed Meenarh? Could this be a setup? If you are in Mike’s shoes, what will you do?)

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  1. I've known the writter of this story for years and I've always known her to have so much potential and so intelligent. I love the mystery and I can't wait to know how it ends..

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  2. hmmm.the writer must be so intelligent, na woman go write this kind story we make sense...and to think she used my name, wait, adelove, is the writer single?

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  7. Hmmm! ! It's a set up, nd Kadiri is d suspect, I just hope it's not cuz of Bella. D suspence continues.☺

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  9. why will Mike be in such relationship and still left another girl in his bedroom to meet his fiancee?, as for Kadir, he's not a friend to behold, he is the person that murdered Meanerh because he has an eye for Bella.

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    1. @Gracie, look up under the AdeLove Newsletter signup form.. you will see a whatsapp icon there. Click on it and it will transfer it to your whatsapp straight up

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  10. How do I have access or get noticer when ever a new post is made , somebody should help me pls , thank u

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    1. @Offia, i do receive notification from AdeLove Newsletter. You might need to sign up free at the box up there. Where it's written "Join AdeLove.com Newsletter"

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  11. Wow. Suspense filled. Well I think Kadir killed her and wants to put the blame on Mike. Or could It be bella

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