(Episode 10) Complicated Love Web: How a One Night Stand With Abuja Chief Ruined My Life … An Interesting Story!

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Williams stood holding his door and preventing her from getting access to his room. He knew that he had too much alcohol that night and he feared what may happen if he allowed her in. Linda tried to force her way in but he held firmly to the door. He had been used to women forcing themselves on him, but this particular one seemed too persistent.


Williams: “Look, you can’t go in, you have no business in here. Yes, you had a crush on me while we were in the University but that was in the past. I am engaged to your friend and I love her so much. Just go away,” he said in a drunken state.

Linda: “How can I go away, Williams? I paused my life waiting for you the five years I spent in the University. I ignored every man that came my way because I thought that we had a future and now you say I should go away? Go away to where, when almost all my friends are married. Listen, I lost you one time and I will not lose you again. Angela can not just show up from anywhere and take you away from me.”

Williams: “You must be crazy to think we could ever have anything together. I never wanted you then and I do not want you now. Respect yourself and get out before I alert the security to throw you out.”

Linda: “Where do you want me to go this night?  It’s almost midnight.”

Williams: “How is that any of my business?  Didn’t you know it was already late before you came here in your night wear? I guess you will get what you are looking for on the road. Now, leave!”

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Linda: “Williams please. Let me at least spend the night here. I will sleep on the couch and leave first thing tomorrow morning. It’s late and it’s dangerous out there.”

Williams: “Sorry, you can’t spend the night here. I don’t trust you and I don’t trust myself especially when I have had alcohol.”

Linda: “Oh common, will I rape you?  Please, let me just sleep here. I beg you in God’s name, in your mother’s name and in Angela’s name and everything you hold dear to your heart.”

Williams: “Okay. I will allow you in because you called my mother. But make sure you leave before 5am tomorrow before anyone wakes up, I don’t want scandals and no funny moves in the night, else I kick your ass out.”

When Williams woke up the next day, Linda was beside him on the bed naked and he was naked too. Memories of the previous night started flooding in and he remembered Linda going to the restroom and coming out naked. She seduced him and after a little resistance, he fell for her. Like a horse, she had rode on him all night, she had a large appetite for sex and he saw himself panting and struggling for air while she was on top him riding. He fell into a deep sleep after making love to her and now that he is awake with the effect of the alcohol gone, he hated her for taking advantage of his drunkenness.

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Williams: “Get up Linda, put on your clothes and get out of my house you she devil!” he gave her his back.

Linda: “I am not going anywhere, not after all we did last night. I am not the kind of girl you use and dump. Once you make love to me, you are in for life.”

Williams: “Are you crazy or something? Did I ask to make love to you?  For God’s sake, you seduced me and I was drunk. It was a one night stand and that is the end. I will soon be leaving for the hospital, I am on morning shift and I need to freshen up. Get out before anybody walks in here.”

Linda: “You can go ahead and freshen up, what you are hiding that I didn’t see last night. Or, are you shy?

Williams: “Please, leave. Don’t do this to me. Angela could just walk in, I can’t imagine her reaction.”

Linda: “Well, I can imagine it. She will get mad, throw the ring you gave her yesterday and I will pick it and put it on my fingers. She will get angry and call of the engagement and that is it, I win. Remember we had all night unprotected sex, who knows, you baby may be forming in my womb.”

Williams: “I curse the day I met you. Now listen, I do not want to meet you here when I return from the hospital else, you will regret stepping your feet in my room.”


Angela woke up very early the next morning. She rushed to the bathroom to freshen up. When she came out, she wore a peplum top and a tight fitting Jean trouser. She was excited at the thought of paying the man who had just proposed to her last night an early morning visit. She also wanted to tell him that she just confirmed that she was four weeks pregnant. She knew he would be more than happy and this delighted her. He had also promised to take her to see his mother today after which he will meet her parents later in the evening.

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When she got to the quarters, the security there already recognised her and allowed her in without questions. When she got to the door, she tapped gently on it.

Angela: “I hope he is not on morning shift, this one I didn’t call before coming.” She said to herself.

Linda was all culled up in bed enjoying her morning sleep after Williams left for the hospital.  She reluctantly got up to open the door and lo, Angela walked in (Gbese re oo!)

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  1. What a grave attempt from Linda and what a complementing reaction from our Dr here? Couldn't wait to consume the upcoming suspense. Next Episode plsssssssss

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  2. I thought is William instead Julius.... Well, d prblms started frm Angela who exposed her future to unknown person she tagged ''friend''.......i blaimed Angela

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  3. All your stories are masterpiece, it is something worth cherishing, teaching true events of life in simple and hard way.

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  4. the lesson Angela will learn is not to take a friend alone on a date. @adelove why Julius instead of William.

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  5. adelove,I really appreciate ur efforts on d story,I pray fr u dat may ur journey never be cut short God bless u more.I believe ds story will teachs lot's of ladies to be smart n observant in all tin dy do.moral lesson

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    1. Ask the poster if the guy proposed officially or she assume the guy will marry her after cohabiting in sch.in sch they call them couple. Every man nos what he want in a wife. Some women even boldly call their boyfriend their husband. My husband this my husband that.the guy was only enjoying free food wake up

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    1. why call names here,ar u nt among the dudes commenting and reading the same stories like others? chose ur words wisely,every1 is very much entitled to his or her opinion.

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  7. I hv begin to smell lies in dis story,hw come Williams didn't knw angela sur name even wen her dad did party for her she didn't invite her boyfrnd hmmmmmmmm story u just wnt to spoil d end dudos

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    1. But there was no where in the story that portrayed Angela as chief Ilu's daughter.... in episode 7, we only know the chief is organizing a birthday party for his only daughter when Dele called his friend Williams to tell him about the party. And again it was the same night Williams planned to proposed to Angela that the party is to held, so how comes Angela was able to meet Williams that night when her father is organizing a party for her?? Read episode 7 and 8 Very well.. there is no where Angela is called chief Ilu's daughter.

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  11. My dear sester i hope u no dat jesus still love u in all ways of ur lif so is well just ask God to give u ur own man becouse he is not ur man that why is seems so jesus lov u .give ur lif to him and u will see what he will do for u thank u deat.

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  12. all this girls self, d only thing i will let u people kno dat, no man will let a good woman go , no mata wat happen , if she play her game very well she will still bewith her man, abi guys u for get say women are alway right when we kno dey are wrong , 96% of all girls destroy their relationship bcos they eat new food, bd when they see d other food is becoming better , they will try to come back , then when we refuse they will say men are wicked , shut up Hannah

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