(Episode 16) Thorn that almost altered my Destiny … An intriguing Story!

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Funke gets a bike and is heading to Wahidi’s house when her phone starts  ringing. She imagines that it is Wahidi calling to inform her that Kenny has been killed. In her fright,she screams at the bike man.


Funke: “Stop! I say stop this bike now!”

Bike man: “Ah-ah, kilode now? No be Aremu street you say make I carry you go? We never reach now abi you no know where you dey go?”

Funke: “Stop the bike and stop talking, you dummy.”

The bike man suddenly stops, as Funke jerks and holds on to him to prevent her from falling backwards.

“See, na only mouth dem get”, the bike man taunts her as he speeds away leaving her behind.

As soon as she alights from the bike, Funke presses the answer button on her phone without even looking at who the caller is. “Hello, who is this, say something”, she anxiously asks.

Kenny: “Hi my bride, how are you?”

Funke is shocked as she doesn’t expect the caller to be Kenny. “Baby is that you?”, she manages to ask.

Kenny: “Of course, don’t you know my voice anymore? Didn’t my number appear on your screen?”

Funke remembers that she didn’t check out who the caller is before picking the call. She checks and indeed it is Kenny’s number.

Kenny: “Hello, are you there?”

Funke: “Yes, erm, I am fine.”

Kenny: “You don’t sound well, is my baby kicking too much or is it the marriage preparation stress?”

Funke: “I am just a little bit tired, I will be fine. Are you sure you are fine?”

Kenny: “Of course I am fine. Why do you ask?”

Funke: “Well, I tried calling you earlier but your phone was switched off.”

Kenny: “That must be when I was having a closed door meeting with some business partners from Germany, I am sorry I didn’t inform you I will be switching off. I just excused myself out because I wanted to hear your voice. I will call you back when we finish the meeting.”

Funke: “Okay. Love you, bye.”

As soon as she ends the call, she remembers that she should have told Kenny about the lady who called claiming to be his fiancee. She redials his number and it is switched off, meaning he is back to the board room for the meeting.

“What does Wahidi mean by sending me the text about kidnpping Kenny, is it one of his plots to get me to sleep with him, is Wahidi going mad or something? I need to see him and talk some sense into him,”, she said to herself.


Funke’s mother: “You must kill me today o, because you are Funke’s father does not mean that you are God. I say I will not support Funke’s marriage to Kenny and you will not force me to change my mind.”

Funk’s father: “Listen woman, Funke is my daughter and when I take decisions concerning her, everyone must obey. She must marry Kehinde and there is nothing you or anyone can do about it.”

Funke’s mother: “Go ahead and marry your first daughter off to people you don’t really know because of money. I will not be there on the traditional marriage day and if she goes ahead and marry that boy, E no go ever better for her, it is me her mother who says so!”

Funke’s father: “See who is talking about marrying our daughter away because of money, are you not insisting that she marries Wahidi because his mother gave you a stall for free in the market? Women will never seize to amaze me.”

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Funke’s mother: “Amaze ko, amazing grace ni. I have said my own, my daughter must only marry Wahidi.”

Funke’s father: “Then, be prepared to leave my house today. I cannot continue to habour a woman who is not submissive in my house. Go to your father’s house and control people there.”


Funke gets to Wahidi’s house and is about knocking on his door when her younger sister runs to her, “Aunty mi, come back home now o, ba mi and ma mi are fighting because of you. Ba mi said ma mi should park out of the house if she no go gree make you marry uncle Kenny, na so ma mi commot knife say she go chuk herself if ba mi no go leave her alone”, she said, panting.

Funke: “What! what kind of trouble is this? Who did I offend? No, my mother cannot kill herself for me.”

They run back as fast as their legs can carry them. When Funke gets to their compound, she meets many neighbours at the entrance of their compound who have come to watch the commotion going on in the compound. Funke and her sister makes their way inbetween the crowd to where are mother is.

Funke: “Ma mi, Ba mi, please stop this. You are embarrassing us.”

Funke’s mother: “Funke, you are the cause of all these. My husband has never threatened to throw me out till this marriage issue came up. If you don’t announce here that you won’t marry kehinde again, I will kill myself. Yes, I will do it.”

Funke continues to plead with her mother to drop the knife so they can sort out things amicably, she is surprised at her mother who is behaving as one possesssed by an unclean spirit. “Can it be that my mother is under the influence of some demonic manipulations? How can an old woman attempt to take her own life over something as insignificant as this? I hope Wahidi’s mother has nothing to do with this, I know that she can be very diabolical”, Funke thought.

Neigihbours who have come to watch the commotion on seeing that Funke’s mother is serious begin to plead with her to have a rethink.

Neighbour 1: “Iya Funke, e don do, now. Wetin your pikin do you like this?”

Neighbour 2: “See, mama Funke, as parents, if we beat our child with the left hand, we draw them close with the right hand. No allow devil use you do wetin your children no go ever forgive you.”

Another neighbour, a woman who sells shea butter close to Funke’s mother is elsewhere in the compound ranting among some other women who have gathered round her. It seems the woman has a score to settle with Mama Funke and this event created the perfect opportunity for her to get back at Mama Funke.

Neighbor3:  “Make una leave her make she kill herself na, why una dey beg am, seff. Na she go be the first and last to die? If no bi woman wey chop winsh, how person go carry belle, suffer for nine months, go labour room finish come dey behave like this. She like Wahidi pass the mama wey born am? Why she dey drink agbo for person sickness?”, the woman keeps saying.

“Mama!” Funke screams, drawing everyone’s attention to herself. “What if Wahidi comes to you and say he doesn’t want to marry me anymore, will you be happy?”

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Mama Funke: “If Wahidi fit open him mouth talk like that, I go support you. Make e commot from him mouth say he no want again, that way, I no go get problem with him mama for market.”


Having succeeded in calming her mother and dispersing the crowd, Funke sets out for Wahidi’s house. She remembers that the last time she went to plead with him, he had promised to leave her alone to marry whoever she wants if only she can sleep with him one more time. Now, she is going to sleep with him one more time and then ask him to go and tell her mother that he does not want to marry her again. That way, her mother will be relieved and support her marriage which is barely few days away. “Is it not just to sleep with him only once? I will close my eyes and imagine that I am with Kenny while he does his thing. I know Wahidi, he doesn’t last long, after 5 minutes wey im climb, him go pour come down”, she encouraged herself.

When she gets to Wahidi’s house, he is lying down on an old mat, the room has a stentch of urine mixed with cigarrete and alcohol, clearly, he just finished smoking and drinking. As soon as she gets in, he stands up and hug her.

Wahidi: “Baby mi, I no say you no fit do without me. You don dey miss my touch be that.”

Funke: “I am not here for any talk, Wahidi. Do what you have to do and let me go. But first, you have to promise me that you will tell your mother and my mother that you are no longer interested in me. And, I brought condom along, you have to wear it.”

Wahidi: “Na wa o, how you go come my house come dey give me rules?”

Funke: “By the way, why did you send me an SMS the other day that you had kidnapped my fiance only for me to find out that you lied?”

Wahidi: “Person no fit joke with you again? I bin think so you go run come here make I pound you small before you know say I just lie ni. See Funke, I go tell my mother and your people say I no marry you again but that na after you spend the night with me o, I go do you all night and I no dey use any rubber, Na skin to skin I want since this na the last time wey I go touch you.”

Funke: “What!”

Wahidi: “Yes, you hear me well.”


Annoyed and disgusted at Wahidi’s demands, Funke makes up her mind not to sleep with him anymore. She reasons that Wahidi being the drunk he is will always demand for more sex even when she is married, he may even go the extent of making their sex video to blackmail her thereby running her marriage with Kenny. She decides to act fast before it is too late.

Funke: “You can go to hell with you and your threats. I will never condescend so low as to sleeping with an illiterate like you again. You wanna spoil my marriage ceremony, go ahead but you will never see the colour of my pant again, you idiot.”

Wahidi: “Funke, you don dey craze ba? Na me you dey give all these big insults?  Emi Wahidi omo Babaolagbara, I go arrange you, Funke. I swear I go do you strong thing, una marriage no go hold. Aaah! blood go flow, I will strike at your happiest moment, you go cry blood. You go see!”

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Funke: “Go ahead and do your worst Wahidi. The worst you can do is to kill me and I will die a happy lady knowing that I didn’t allow an imbecile like you to touch me again.”

Wahidi: “Carry your body commot for my house before I break your head…”

Funke: “I am already leaving, good riddance to bad rubbish”, she hisses as she leaves the room banging the door behind her and causing him to startle.


That night after everybody has gone to sleep, Funke, vexed in the spirit gets up and begin to pray with her heart and soul. So great was her sorrow that her tears flowed uncontrollably as she prayed. She takes up several worship and praise songs as she remembers what the angel had told her some days back. She is still engrossed in prayers when she fell asleep.

Angel: “Wake up, do not be weary, continue to pray. Its only two days away to the manifestation of your glory and the disgrace of the evil ones. The hour draws near when God will prove Himself mighty in battle. The devil and the evil ones do not sleep. While people sleep and snore, the evil one causes havoc and divert people’s destiny but we are a blessed people because the Lord our Creator does not sleep nor slumber. Just two days!”

Funke woke up with her Bible in her hands, she realises that she has slept off while praying and all the angel said to her was in a dream. She glances at the clock on the wall, the time is half past six, first time in months that she had slept well till morning. “The battle indeed is the Lord’s, let him have his way”, she said smiling. She gets on her knees again, and begins her morning devotion. “Anybody that says I will not enjoy peace, the person will not enjoy peace too because they are contending with the most high”.

“Arise Oh Lord, let your enemies be scattered…” she begins to sing.


The D-day for the Marriage ceremony arrives with the village bustling with activities.  Funke’s compound is already filled with people as early as 6:00am, the women are busy cooking different delicacies as a group of young men are busy skinning and and cutting two cows provided by Kenny’s family. This is in addition to several chickens and goats that have been slaughtered the previous day. Everybody is excited as they will be enough to eat and drink and take home. The women while leaving their houses carried along nylon bags of different sizes with which they intend to store food items and of course, meat.

Questions:  Is Funke finally at the edge of breakthrough? What will happen to the evil ones now that Funke is confronting them with prayers? Does the two days the angel talked about have anything to do with Kenny?

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85 thoughts on “(Episode 16) Thorn that almost altered my Destiny … An intriguing Story!

  1. Hahaha.. Mama funke go kill person for Africa.. Funke’s mother: “Amaze ko, amazing grace ni. I have said my own, my daughter must only marry Wahidi.”

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  2. Tufia! Wahidi wan chop free meat. Yeye dey smell. He wan do all night without rubber. Skin to skin indeed. Next episode abeg

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  3. continue to pray Funke. Its only two days away to the manifestation of your glory and the disgrace of the evil ones. The hour draws near when God will prove Himself mighty in battle. I'm truly inspired from this STORY. God continues to bless AdeLove and Crew. Next please

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  4. Abeg,Wahidi shld carry himself away Jor,except God is not on d throne, but as long as he is,he never leaves nor forsakes his children

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  5. Hmmm!!! This Wahidi is indeed a trouble maker and he can lie for Africa... don't really understand Funke, why going back to Wahidi's house? God please order her steps in the right direction amen. Adelove I remove cap for una...keep it up

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  6. Funke continue to pray coz Prayer is d Key.........Ow will she think of giving dat wahidi one more time in her...... Funke no vex me oooo..... Also I no understand mama funke anymore ooo

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  7. This is great next pls. I go start to pray like never before. Arise Oh Lord and fight with those who are after my life

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  8. Like seriously did Funke actually want to sleep with that tout? My God. I think her mother is more than an enemy.

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  9. Honestly I really enjoy this story from the beginning to this episode 16, God is indeed a great God that direct the path of His children. The love He has for us is indeed a great one. Waidi will surely fail including Funke's enemies. Funke's prayer life has shown that victory is sure..... Next episode plssssssss

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  10. I thought she has become a share holder cos she has been given ever since even the robbers too get there own share... Ahh funke, funke, amke u close ur leg small till u marry naw, even kenny too don collect hand tire b4 e d marry u na wao

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    1. It's not her making... Of course I'm not in support of premarital s*x.... But she's being controlled and man handled spiritually.... It is well... As Yoruba elders say "Ẹni tó bá kan ló mo". (Only the person wearing the shoes knows where they pinch the most).

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  11. I thought she has become a share holder cos she has been given ever since even the robbers too get there own share... Ahh funke, funke, make u close ur leg small till u marry naw, even kenny too don collect hand tire b4 e d marry u na wao

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  12. Hmmmmm she should not try to Give up o.... Thank God that she didn't sleep with that tout.... My dear, na serious prayers sure pass o.... God must and will fight.... He just has to....

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  13. God is nt a man dat he shuld lie,d hour of restoration is here.i pray "wat ever d enemy has stolen from you"shall be restored in Jesus name.............Amen!

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  14. This funke sef! to sleep with rubbish men dey for her body. mumu. i am sure she will still use her mumuness scatter this her marriage. plus that her kenny sef, what kind of business is he into? even when they met he sounded and behaved like a drug trafficker. smh

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  15. Hmm. Don't promise wat u know u can't redeem later, funke self get ha problem 4 body, even with ha funication lifestyle God still do minister to ha. I doubt dat line of d story, sleeping wit any man dat disturb too much, in return God still answer your prayer. Na wash joor.

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  16. Am not suprise! This z similar prblm we'r facing dis time. Nwannadi no na mkpuru amu(enemy in d testicle). But my hapinex is as long as God liveth....

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