(Episode 2) This is my Heart, not a toy – My Campus Life Experience

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Michelle all of a sudden, got up from the ground, she looked around her and there, not too far away from her was a big plank, exactly what she needed to teach that boyfriend snatcher of a girl the lesson of her life. She ran back to Dapo’s compound holding the heavy plank; the plank was so heavy that it seemed it was carrying her instead of the other way.


With vigour she launched at Dapo’s door, frightening him and Sandra as they sprang to their feet. The deafening sound caused alarm as neighbours came out of the rooms, the lodge which is strictly for students was nicknamed ‘Virgin’s Lodge’ which is contrast to what the students who live in it are.

Michelle: “Flirt! Sandra, come out and face me. So, you think you can snatch my man away from me right? You stifling bitch! You think I am one of those students you snatch their boyfriends and go scot free? You never no me. Na the last time wey you go snatch person man be this” she hit the door again.

Sandra and Dapo remained inside, only their whisperings were heard.

Sandra: “Na wa o, Dapo, you no tell me say you bin dey date mad woman o.”

Dapo: “My dear, this her madness serious gan o.”

Neighbours tried pacifying Michelle all to no avail,

Man: “drop the stick, please!”One of the guys pleaded. Dapo neighbours knew Michelle to be a gentle and shy person so seeing that razz part of her was really perplexing.

She attempted to use the heavy plank to break his louvers but one of the neighbours ran and ceased the plank,

Chisom: “Stop that, please! Get hold of yourself, you are a lady” he held her with the other hand.

The girls gathered talking in low voices; it was sure going to be the latest news on campus but she couldn’t care less.

Girl 1: “Na wa o, shey na like this love dey make people crase?”

Girl 2: “My dear, I tire o. But the guy no try, sha. With all these noise, him no even commot, like say him deaf. Sharp guy!”

Girl 1: “Why him  go commot, na him be the first to cheat on his girl, even  married  men cheat on their wives and the world still dey as e dey. Make him commot so that she go break him head abi? Abeg Who jealousy epp?”

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Girl 2: “Why not ask Google.com? Infact, I cant believe you are saying this. Anyway, I no surprise, na so so different men you dey follow everyday. Handsome,  ugly, tall, short, dark, fair. All they go for your side. So, why you no go support Dapo, Yeye child. Afterall  birds of the same feather…”

Girl 1: “eh, eh, just hold that your statement there. Wetin concern you if I dey follow different men everyday? Na my fault say I fine and I dey sexy? Who send you make you no get the things wey I get. Na because you no say you no fine, thats why you dey slave for that your small boyfriend. Abeg park well, jor!”

Girl 2: “I no blame you na. Shey na because we dey stay the same compound dey gossip together thats why you run your gutter of a mouth anyhow. Abeg stay your lane,  make I saty my own. Oshi!”

Neighbor: “Guy, you dey fuck up!” another neighbour yelled; it was directed at Dapo.

Michelle threw herself to the ground crying, she didn’t want to be consoled. Sandra and Dapo remained inside, refusing to open the door.

Chisom: “Halima, carry dem go your room, abeg!”

Halima tried pulling Michelle up,

Michelle: “I just want to go to my house. Sandra it will never be well with you,” she cursed.

She insisted on going to her place, they were tired of pleading with her, everyone deserted her.

Exhausted Michelle walked into the dark and lonely path, tears trickled down her left cheek; a swishing sound came from behind but when she turned, it was just a ghost of her shadow shone by the fluorescents peering through the fences of the houses guarding the lonely path- the shadow looked slim, scary and heartbroken. Of course, it reflected the true mood of its owner.

Dapo, had just made a fool out of her, he had thrown the pearly heart at dogs to ambulate on; the heart was now in shreds with dirt smeared on it.

Michelle: “Dapo, Why would you do this to me?”

With quivering lips, she spoke aloud as if someone was listening. She wished the Harmattan breeze would take those words to Dapo and return back with the answer she wanted.

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Michelle: “What have I done to deserve this?”

She sat on a stone close to a shady tree on the dark lonely path, she didn’t care if a snake crept from its hiding place or a scorpion falling from the branch of the tree to bite or sting her injecting poison into her blood stream. What could be more atrocious than Dapo’s inhumane act?  Poison was already gushing in her blood stream; she felt it surging from her heart through her oesophagus as it left a bitter taste on the lips- that of vinegar. Dapo was the snake or scorpion that had bitten and stung her.

Michelle: “I hate you, Dapo!”


Michelle: “It’s Dapo!!!” she broke into uproarious cry on the phone, she couldn’t say another word, and Silver’s voice became distant for she had thrown the phone on the ground.

Silver: “Where are you? What happened?” the worried Silver yelled from the phone that had its face stuck to the ground.

Michelle: “What about the songs you wrote for me? The lyrics of I love you, pearly, were they lies just to lure me into falling recklessly in love with you? Three good years, Dapo?” she said to herself.

She raised three fingers as her lips quivered like the dried leaves tossed around by the wind in August that announces the coming of the rain that usually falls in the evening when the jollying kids are out playing in the fields.

Michelle: “I won’t cry again.”  She wiped her eyes and broke into a more agonizing cry in no time.

Michelle: “I won’t cry again! I swear! And Nelly warned me oo!”

Danielle told her she suspected Sandra and Dapo were having affair but Michelle who was blindfolded by her love for him defended him.

Michelle: “Dapo doesn’t like her everybody knows her as a flirt.”

Danielle shrugged and told her to use her head so her heart doesn’t detect how she felt always, Michelle hissed and labeled her friend “pathetic”. For weeks, she ignored her friend until Silver intervened,

Silver: “Why should you be keeping malice with your room mate and best friend because of a guy.”

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Michelle: “Dapo isn’t a guy, he is the love of my life!” Silver sighed but he was able to make them make up.

Michelle: “Why didn’t I believe Nelly eh?” she said crying, “Michelle, stop crying!” she said to herself

She stood up, dusted her blue denim trousers and continued her journey through the dark lonely path. Like a lunatic, she spoke gesticulating and broke into a cacophonic laughter,

Michelle: “So, he knew he’d be unfaithful and yet he made me fall him!”

The river of tears started as she came to the end of her statement- she could hear the blaring of motorcycles and vehicles, the chattering of people. She was now out of the lonely dark path but she was thrown in a reverie. The noise around her seemed unreal, it was if she was in an alien world; she ran into a nearby shop and was attended to by a scruffy looking lad, who spoke to her in Hausa not that she had a vast understanding of the language but she could depict the meaning of some words- he handed her a parcel well tied in a black nylon.

Danielle wasn’t home; she dipped her hand into her bag without looking and brought out her keys. Some minutes after settling down, everything twirled with her, her feet felt light, the eyes fed on blurriness, in an abrupt manner, there was darkness- total blackout. Dapo had sapped too much energy from her.


Dapo bolted the door and drew Sandra closer, kissing her blossomed but flirtatious lips lustfully. They made the pouting sound; she broke the kiss.

Sandra: “She hates you right now!” she jeered.

Dapo broke into a vicious giggle.

Dapo: “The feeling is mutual.”

Sandra: “I win. She can go to hell for all I care.”

Sandra, giggling too, threw herself at him, bent his head over and literally scooped his lips into hers.

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  1. AdeLove in another dimension again. This for sure will teach all our University Nigerian students some lesson. Next joor

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  2. Michelle, you don dey kolo oo. U wan die because of a man? Many thousands are already lining up to replace your position. Just get it into your head

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  3. Hmm... our students nowadays though. Meanwhile, their parents will be home saying "My Pikin dey University to read and study books". i'm shaking My HEAD

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  4. I can't stop laughing with this statement ahhahaha "the plank was so heavy that it seemed it was carrying her instead of the other way."

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  5. by now babez must HV known DAT all men are d same. they don't worth the tears.Michelle dear 4get abt him

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  6. like seriously, kill myself over a "guy"?
    The signs were so obvious, she should have seen it but she was blinded by love
    pity you dearie, you deserve better

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  7. Love is a S****d kind of emotion. If you are truly in Love with someone, it will make you do some s****d things without minding the consequences.

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