(Episode 6) Bitter side of Love … A Judas Kiss!

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Papa Chinedu was rushed to the hospital that night by neighbours and the doctor said he was suffering from shock. Mama Chinedu was crying throughout that night.  The man she called good-for-nothing was the same person she was praying to God to save.


Iya Kpati: “Mama Shinedu go learn lesson. Fighting is no good!” she said to her husband, who came home that night not drunk, it was perplexing,”Ojo dis wan you are came back without drunking. Shey wa okay o? Abi dem don barn alcohol for where you commoting from?”

Ojo: “ah, na wa oo. Women sef, person no fit please una. When I drink you complain if I no drink you go complain, wetin man wan do with him life, now. Hmmm!”

Iya Kpati: “Kpele o!”  she said. They were both on their size fourteen spring bed, but Iya Kpati’s weight had bent most of the springs, the bed cried when she laid on it and when she turned, Iya Kpati sighed and said again, “so that’s how Mama Shinedu wantu kill her husbanding! Hmmm! Olorun ma je! God saving us from bad tin!”

Ojo turned to the other side,

Ojo: “Oh,oh! My friend allow me sleep please!”

Iya Kpati: “ Who hold your eye ehn,who offend you from where you waka come? Oko mi you’re in a bat mood?”

Ojo unable to hide his irritation,

Ojo: “E jo,ema bi nu. Allow me sleep or do you want me to go to the ground?”

Iya Kpati: “Noo! Oya no fex, e ma bi nu!” she moved closer to her husband, he shifted, she moved,he shifted, had a smile on her as she was playing that game. She was almost pressing him to the wall.

Ojo: “Just kill me so that you will rest and I will rest too!”

Iya Kpati: “Don’t talks laik dat na! you will no die o!”

Ojo: “When you are about to push me into the wall?”

Iya Kpati moves away,

Iya Kpati: “Sowie but eh!” She used her fingers to itch her body, the itching produced the sound of a dying generator.

Ojo: “Ah,ah!”

Iya Kpati: “Ojo,oko mi, ma body is scrashing me oo! You go help me scratch am.”

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Ojo:” Ah! Ra ra oo! Not this night. No energy!”

That was her way of telling him that she was horny. Iya Kpati never got satisfied. That’s always their quarrel, she’d say “Ehun, at least if we do plenty times pikin go come,” he’d rant that, “wo! Me I’m tired o!” and she’d reply by saying, “Be taking Agbo oo dat I haff bought for you!”

He wasn’t in the mood for that; she placed her big leg on him,

Ojo: “Do you want to kill me?” he gathered himself to jump out of the bed but she turned and used her ponderous butt to press him to the wall, he fought and kicked but gave up.


Papa Chinedu  in the middle of the night opened one eye and saw his wife sleeping on a bench close to his bed then decided to scream,

Papa Chinedu: “Maltina! Chicken! Salad!!” He had been awake since but pretended to be unconscious,he saw the so called illness as an opportunity to deal with his wife by making her lavish her money on him.

Mama Chinedu in confusion and excitement jumped on her feet almost out of her skin, she ran to her husband, who had shut his eyes screaming like a suckling crying for breast milk,

Mama Chinedu: “Ewwwoooo! Where I go get all these tins fo this night o! Mmmpa Chinedu just manage dis rice and stew tomorrow morning I go get anytin wey u wan,abeg” fidgeting, she pleaded.

He opened an eye then asked,

Papa Chinedu: “Meat dey?” he simulated a weak voice.

Mama Chinedu: “Yes,turkey,chicken and fish oo! Which wan you want?”

Papa Chinedu: “Everything o!”

She served him a mountain of rice and stew garnished with meat (chicken and turkey) and fish. Within five minutes, he had level the mountain of food and left just pickles of rice and bones that he devoured with a crackling sound like a ravished bull dog, stretched his hand for the bottle of Sprite that awaited him, Mama Chinedu handed it to him and he didn’t wait for opener, the teeth played that role. Used his hand to wipe the mouth of the bottle and dug into his, he didn’t drop the bottle until the bottle had shown “made in China!” he then bilged. Mama Chinedu seemed very pleased; she couldn’t be more happy!

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The next day, after the doctor had ran numerous tests on him, it was said that he was free to go,

Papa Chinedu: “no doctor! I’m not okay o! my head is still paining me o!” he held the head.

The doctor insisted he was alright,

Papa Chinedu: “is that your body?ah, na wa o!” he shot at the doctor and nurse angrily.

Doctor: “Trust me, if there is any reason why you shouldn’t be discharged, I would have told you. Go home and rest, that’s all you need.”

Mama Chinedu even fought for her husband and promised to beat the doctor and nurses blue black if they refused to take proper care of her beloved husband, in his mind he was giggling. After staying in the hospital for two more days against the doctor’s recommendation, Mama Chinedu had to plead with him,

Mama Chinedu: “Mmmpa Chinedu abeg maik we go house like dat abi? You know say recession dey an ma money don dey finish o!”

The plea came on time, he was bored too of staying on admission but he had gotten used to the pampering and good food,

Papa Chinedu: “Promise me say you go take care of me!”

Mama Chinedu: “I promise!”

Papa Chinedu: “say if you beat or vex with me again maik thunder fire you!” he pointed at her.

Mama Chinedu shocked,

Mama Chinedu: “Ah,which kin talk bi dis na?”

Papa Chinedu flung himself,

Papa Chinedu: “Okay, I no dey go again!” She pleaded with him but he insisted she repeated his words.

She did and he agreed to leave.


Kalu had just left the hospital, the bandage was removed from his eyes, he was excited, the bandage had him feel like a liability, he hardly did anything himself, Caro had moved in to stay with him temporarily. What he hated in his life was to be a burden to anyone, Caro never complained but the few days had been stressful for her.

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When the bandage was taken off, he felt like there were particles in the eyes. He was made to read, some letters written on a box hung on the wall of an office with halogen in it. Perfectly, he read the doctor said he was free to go,

Kalu: “Thank you doctor!”

Outside the gate, he got a bike that refused to carry him for the usual fifty naira,the fare had suddenly gone up to seventy, motorists took advantage of the increase in fuel price. He was left with no choice. Close to the checkpoint, Police checkpoint, they had to come down and use the legs to pass through the checkpoint. It was a rule for all bike men. Like a dream a fight ensued between the two police men at the checkpoint,in a blip,the driver had handed something to one of them, Kalu couldn’t see clearly from where he was but of course, so,he couldn’t say what it was. As they fought many people gathered watching some had their phone cameras on, Kalu and a few charged towards them to separate, Kalu led the way  one of them held a gun facing Kalu and  those coming to separate them before they knew it, there was a gunshot. The crowd scattered, everywhere become rowdy as a body laid on the ground with blood gushing out of its mouth and intestine came out of the ruptured stomach.

Question: “Who got shot by the stray bullet? could it be Kalu? Is he going to die? Why were the police fighting? What will be the fate of the policemen? Will they be punished for such misconducts?”

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  1. I guess I should conclude by saying he's village people are after him. From frying pan to pot. Kalu the one and only fight separator. I think he deserves an award.....lol

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  2. Dis Kalu self can separate fight for Africa, even with gun he still enter abi dey dey follow u from village ni? Can't wait for the next episode though.....

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  3. God please let it be kalu that was shot! the f**l obviously never learns. see person wey never chop and solve him own problem wan go solve another person problem. smh

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  4. Adelove,, u alwz made my day. I laf like crazy while reading ur stories wit combination of words u used like dat of Yoruba&Igbo(accent). U ar d best! Next epi....so....de plzzzzz

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  5. iya kpati"oko mi sumtin dey scratch me for,will u help me scratch am?"lolz......dis woman gan ooo......as for mama Chinedu,after dis one she no go eva raise her hand on her husband again,if she try am na Chinese tunder go fire her.lastly kalu don turn honourable minister of fight separation.lol

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