(Episode 7) Bitter side of Love … A Judas Kiss!

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Kalu entered the room with the blue shirt he had on, bedaubed with blood; he was shaking. With confusion twirled around him, instead of removing the shirt, a stool close to the bed he sat on it, lost in thoughts with the eyes wide opened. Like a man hunted by a ghost Kalu jerked up when he heard the zinced-gate flung opened; peeped through his curtain, it was Old Soja  entering the compound. With a heave he ran back to the stool,


Kalu: “So, that’s how I would have died? trembling, he clasped the hands together, “ I need to call someone! Yes! I need to call someone!!”

He tried dialing Ibe’s number but his trembling hands betrayed him. To gather himself, he dropped the phone started inhaling and exhaling, after a while he felt better, scrolled through his phone thought of calling his mother but he knew that narrating his near death experience would kill her, she had high blood pressure, what of his younger and only brother, Chibuzo; that wasn’t an option, Chibuzo was only concerned with smoking, doing drugs and alcohol, those were the only things that mattered to him in life.

He had dropped out of secondary school, damned dreams and aspirations.  Caro’s number wasn’t reachable, he wasn’t sure if she was the best to call for she might choke him with too much love and affections, make him overfeed and sometimes would prefer he goes against the prescriptions like in the case of the eye problem, she had said,

Caro: “ Rub am wella, swarrow evelitin na! So dat your body go well on time!”

Kalu: “Ah, ah that would be drug abuse na!”

Caro: “Drug abusing kwa? You no want well quick? Oooh!” she’d say.

At that moment, Kalu could have made use of her too much love but her number wasn’t reachable. He tried calling Ibe again,

Kalu: “Enya, where you dey?” he said to Ibe on the phone.

Ibe: “I just dey reach house now. I wan arrange chaw. Alarm dey wound me! Anything for me?”

Kalu: “Ermm, please if you can come. Na die I dey!”

Ibe: “die?”

Kalu: “Yes!”

Ibe: “Kalu, yarn well I no dey understand you o! Ogini? Which one be na die you dey?” Ibe sounded confused as Kalu pounced on the red button and threw away his phone, he was crying.

The incidence played in his head, like a 4D movie; he could see a driver handing something to one of the policemen seconds later an argument ensued and the fight broke, Kalu was gasping for air, it continued the fight kept on for a while then all of a sudden he and a few charged to separate, “Gbowa!” came the shot and there was chaos everywhere. Kalu was now sweating; the shot kept echoing and reechoing in his head.

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Kalu: “Jesus! Jesus!! Chineke!! Chineke!!” he didn’t know when he had started yelling.

His eyes became scarlet red, nervousness and restlessness grasped him. With the hands he covered the oval shaped face, darkness was what he saw then within a second, there appeared a Policeman point a gun at him.

Kalu: “Please, don’t kill me! Biko! Please ooo!” he fell on the ground and was screaming, imagining a real policeman right in front of him

Ibe rushed in, he had heard Kalu’s cry from the gate, Kalu was rolling on the ground pleading with nothing but an empty space, Ibe rushed at him,

Ibe: “Kalu! Kalu,what’s wrong? why are you screaming?”

Kalu kept on crying,

Kalu: “Please na. Enya, please tell him not to kill me na!” he clung unto Ibe, “Ibe are you not my friend, please tell him not to kill me, biko. I have nothing but my poor mother and the girl, whom I am madly in love with oo!”

Ibe tried pacifying him,

Ibe: “Nna calm down na! you are safe! No one is trying to kill you! It’s just you and I in this room.” Ibe tried persuading him but he kept up with the cry, Ibe exerted all his energy holding his friend down who wanted to run out, they were both sweating even though the fan was on the highest, “Relax, brother! Take it easy!”

Kalu crying in a soulful tone,

Kalu: “Why are you doing this to me now? I thought you were my brother, why are you pinning me down to be killed na! I didn’t kill her ooo! ”

Ibe was bewildered he didn’t know what was going on but the person on the ground was definitely his lively and funny friend, Kalu. What had come over him? he was puzzled.

Ibe: “Enya, relax! All is well!”he said in Igbo but Kalu struggled free and ran behind him to hide; he looked over Ibe’s shoulders as he ducked behind him. Ibe just concluded his friend was in a romance with insanity. What was he to do? Ibe hadn’t any choice but to play along, “Okay, Kalu just hide behind me, I’ll fight for you!”

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Kalu: “Thank you! Thank you!” Kalu kept saying as he continued looking over Ibe’s shoulder after a minutes, Ibe noticed Kalu’s grip on him had lessen, turned and saw his friend slump.


After hours of trying to resuscitate Kalu, he finally revived; Kalu couldn’t see clearly but he heard voices he was familiar with; Caro, Ibe and Pastor. When he had fainted Ibe out of confusion ran to Pastor and coincidentally, Caro was coming to the house. She was crying and blowing him breeze, Ibe was busy shouting “Amen! Amen!” to Pastor who was with dripping with sweat speaking a language that seemed alien to them and to himself.

Caro: ‘karu o!” she rushed at him crying when he had revived, Ibe did same too; they couldn’t hide their emotion. Tears stood aghast in Ibe’s eyes too. Pastor was busy with hands raised in the air,

Pastor:” Thank you, Jesus! Thank you lord!”

Kalu’s eyes were pale and lips dried; he was dehydrated. Ibe told Caro to make ORT for him locally which she did forthwith. The ORT was given to him and less than an hour Kalu was himself again. Caro and Ibe helped him to the bathroom, Caro brought him a stool and he sat, Ibe held him,

Caro: “Bloda Ibe, don’t worries inugo! I wiri baff him.”

Ibe: “Are you sure you can bath him all by yourself?”

Caro: “By yourself kawai? No it is not by yourself oo I can baffed him!”

Caro never ceased to amaze Ibe, he had to smile,

Ibe: “Okay!”

The girl was madly in love with her man.

Three hours later, Kalu seemed very alive; he narrated the ordeal to them,

Kalu: “It happened at a check point before Zenith bank. I  had dropped as usual from the Okada I was on when I noticed a driver stretch a hand towards one of the police men after a while the police man started arguing with his partner as we about passing fight started between them. My Okada man insisted we just go saying Police men were just irresponsible and that it is possible they are fighting over a tip. But I thought it was inhumane to allow them fight without separating as I and some people ran to separate one of the police men shot at me I could feel the bullet brush pass me. I dashed to the ground, I thought I had being killed, I was dead that was my conclusion!” he shook his head as tears ran down Caro’s face who clung to his arm, Ibe sat opposite, “only for me to realize that it wasn’t me but a pregnant woman who was watching with the crowd. The bullet tore into her and that was it. There was chaos everywhere. The crowd ran after the policemen and lynched them while I rushed for the pregnant woman but it was too late. She was dead, she died in my arms” he burst into tears as Caro joined me.

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Kalu later informed them that the Police men were fighting over five hundred naira bribe.

Ibe left, he had an interview with a blog, as a sport reporter, Adelove.com; he had to go and prepare. Caro had stayed back even when Kalu insisted she could go home. Around eight o’clock at night, they heard noise outside, Caro went to check what was wrong but it was Ene that was breathing fire and brimstone; she had entered the bathroom washed her panties hung it by the door so she would take it when she was done bathing only for her to finish but it was nowhere to be found,

Ene: “Anybody wey carry ma pant, e no go better for in mama or papa. And d juju wey e wan use em do back to the sender!” she cursed.


Kalu woke up in the middle of the night, sweating, he had just had a night mare; he had seen the Policeman but not pointing  a gun at him  but at the dead pregnant woman who was running towards him screaming his name she was shot the moment she got to his place, dying in his arms again.

Caro was fast asleep but he couldn’t, he was perturbed as the head ached.


Question: “Was Kalu going insane? Was he traumatized? What could be done to help him?”

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  1. Cant wait to know whats up in kalu's head. Atleast from now on he would have sense and mind his business.

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  3. ''The incidence played in his head, like a 4D movie; he could see a driver handing something to one of the policemen seconds later an argument ensued and the fight broke, Kalu was gasping for air, it continued the fight kept on for a while then all of a sudden he and a few charged to separate, “Gbowa!” came the shot and there was chaos everywhere. Kalu was now sweating; the shot kept echoing and reechoing in his head'' Hmmmmmmm, there's GOD o

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