(Episode 9) Complicated Love Web: How a One Night Stand with Abuja Chief Ruined my Life…An Interesting Story!

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On his way to the restaurant where he would propose to Angela after dinner, he thought of rushing over to see his mother and apologize for walking out on her and also to break the good news of his resolve to get a wife to her. He imagined the satisfaction that will be written on her face at the news and he beamed for joy. He turned to the taxi driver and said.


Williams: “Driver, please make a U-turn and drive down to Phase III. I will go in, see somebody and join you shortly.”

Driver:  “Oga, which kain talk come be dis now? You tell me say make I carry you go Chinese restaurant for Central Area, now talk don change, you say Phase III. I go drop you for there collect my money” he warned. “I no get time to wait for anybody.”

Williams: “Don’t worry, driver. I will pay you extra, you just wait for me, I won’t take too much time. Today is a very important day in my life and I don’t want to be seen hopping from one taxi to another.”

Driver: “Okay, just do am sharp-sharp, abeg. Time na money.”

When Williams got to his mother’s house, he opened the gate and rushed through to her flat. He tried opening the main door but it appeared that it was locked from the inside so he went in through the back door. He called out to his mother and there was no response. He knew she would not have gone out of the house as she had no friend or relation to visit. Where then could she possibly be?

He went to the kitchen and there was no sign of her. He opened the bathroom door and she was not there. He opened the bedroom door and the sight of his mother standing on the table with a rope on her neck trying to tie it to the fan shocked him. He ran to her pleading.

Williams: “mama, don’t leave me alone in this world. I have nobody else but you. I am sorry I walked out on you earlier, I will never do that again.”

Julia: “No, my son. Let me die since you have decided to make me childless in my old age. What will I be doing in the world when I know what Chief will do to you?”

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She made an attempt to tighten the grip of the rope, alarmed, William pleaded with teary eyes,

Williams: “Please! Please!!Okay,” he gradually moved step closer, “Before you kill yourself I want to share this good news to you,”

Julia: she paused and looked at him, “What news?” asked dryly.

William:  It is the news you’ve been waiting for, mama. I came to tell you that I won’t go to the party again. Look, here is a ring,” he brings out the gold ring, “I am going on a date with my girlfriend and I intend to propose to her. I want to get married and make you happy.”

A sudden glow appeared on her face; she shone like the moon at dusk. Briskly, he spurted towards her seeing that she had relaxed her grip, helped her down, she embraced him with tears-they clung fiercely to each other,

Williams: “I promise not to ever make you sad, Mama!”

Julia: “bring your hands, Willie,” she wiped her tears and smiled then she held his stretched hands.

Julia: “I bless God the day he planted you in my womb. Go and propose to her and bring her back home. You have my blessings.”

Williams ran out after his mother promised that she would never attempt taking her life again. Meanwhile, the taxi driver had been blaring his horn and was on his way to entering the compound when Williams came out.

Driver: “Oga, as I see you, I think say you dey trustworthy, why you go just go inside forget me here like that?  You know how many passengers I don miss as I dey here so. “

Williams: “I am so sorry, driver. I went in and met an emergency case, my mother was about to commit suicide when I got in.“

Driver: “You for allow am die, now. No be she be the first to commit suicide.”

Williams: “It’s my mother we are talking about. She gave up everything just for me.”

Driver: “Forget women, jare. They are devil incarnates. My mother tried every possible means to abort me and when it didn’t work, she dumped me on the debris heap two days after my birth and ran away. A good samaritan picked me up and took care of me. As if that was not enough, I am married to a woman who is bent on sending me to an early grave.”

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Williams: “I didn’t know you could speak English this well until this moment, you have been speaking Pidgin English.”

Driver: “I am a graduate of History and Archeology. I drive taxi because there is no job for third class citizens like me.”

Williams: “Okay, please concentrate on your driving, today is a very important day for me.”


Angela picked up her friend at the designated Junction at exactly Fifteen minutes to the dinner time. She turned on the Air Conditioner in her car when she noticed that her friend was sweating.

Angela: “Linda, you really look good. But, don’t you think this your dress is inappropriate for the occasion, I mean one can see all your curves, it is way too short and almost all your breasts are out except your nipple.”

Linda: “Forget the dress o, all na packaging. You know I am looking for a husband unlike you who has one already.”

They got to the restaurant and walked over to the table where they saw Williams sitting.

Williams got up and hugged Angela and gave her a peck. He whispered into her ears.

Williams: “Angel, this was supposed to be a date for only the two of us. Why is this lady here?”

Angela: “I invited here here, she means no harm. Or have you met her before? What’s that look I see between you two?”

Williams: “Oh no, it’s okay then. Let’s get down to dinner. Please, make your order.”

During the meal, Williams tried hard to concentrate on the food but Linda’s sexy eyes continued sending him signals. He remembered how he had escaped her seduction in the University but he was not sure he could be that successful this time around because she had changed into a very sexy irresistible lady. Twice, he caught himself staring at her colossal breast and he was glad that Angela didn’t notice. After the meal, to the surprise and admiration of everyone in the hall, he got on his knees, brought out his ring and turned to Angela.

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Williams: “Angela my angel, how can I delay to make you mine forever? Like a guardian angel, I need you by my side forever. Will you marry me? “

Angela: “Oh, yes baby. I will marry you again, again, and again. I love you so much. You spice up my world.”

Linda was infuriated but she managed to keep her calm all through their stay in the restaurant. She however noticed that Williams in his joy was drinking too much alcohol which was very much unlike him. At some minutes past 11 pm, Angela offered to take Williams home to his doctor’s quarters before dropping Linda off at her Junction. When they got to the entrance of Williams’ flat, he said to Angela:

Williams: “Angel, come in and spend the night here. I need you tonight more than ever, you are going to be my wife.”

Angela: “Sorry, baby, not tonight. I need to go and drop Linda in her house and I didn’t tell my parents I will spend the night out”

Angela and Linda drove off after a passionate kiss between the two lovers.

Williams had just taken his bath and was about to stretch out on his bed when he heard a knock on his door. He glanced at his wall clock and it was almost 11:30pm.

Williams: “My angel is back to spend the night with me,” he said to himself. He opened the door and behold Linda was at the door, she had changed into a see-through-nightwear and he couldn’t help but acknowledge that she looked sexy.

Williams: “Yes, what do you want here? I thought Angela dropped you off in your house?”

Linda: “I want you.”

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  1. The thought of Julia committing suicide sends chill to my spine, but thank God she didn't.

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  2. Very typical of girls. Ma best friend did almost d same tin, and to tink dat she's stil denying it after He told me stil hits me hard lyk rock. I just shared d grace broke up with him, and withderw d friendship. I still miss her tho.

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