‘Fake’ Donald Trump Spotted at Times Square Grabbing B00bs and Privates of Bikini-clad Babes (Photos)

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U.S presidential candidate, Donald Trump has been pictured at the iconic Times Square in New York city with topless and bikini-clad babes as he grabs their boobs and privates in public.

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A fake Donald Trump took Times Square in New York by storm on Tuesday afternoon along with a group of scantily-dressed women as part of a project by spoof photographer, Alison Jackson.

The British artist, known for her candid photographs of celebrity lookalikes, said she spent ‘months’ searching for the perfect lookalike to portray the Republican presidential candidate.

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She told newsmen that recreating the 70-year-old’s look has been ‘a nightmare’ after auditioning 300 people and going through 20 hairstylists.

After months of searching, she finally found the ideal candidate for the job who she said impressed her with his head shape, attitude and jaw.

She said: ‘The secret is the color and this flicking flick quiff. I mean really, what the hell is it? What is that? It takes Donald Trump two minutes to do that in the morning, it’s taken me two months and tears.’

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Alison sent her Donald lookalike to Trump Tower, Times Square and the New York Stock Exchange in a white Bentley.

He was accompanied by 12 women holding placards emblazoned with slogans including ‘grab my p*$$y,’ ‘grab America by the p***y’ and ‘so nasty…’ making reference to comments he has made about women.

Alison said: ‘It’s a performance with some girls, really who have something to say to Donald Trump because obviously Donald Trump has said a lot of bad things about girls, it’s an opportunity for them to say something back.

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‘They’re all women who feel strongly about what’s happened with the audiotapes, the way Donald Trump’s been talking about women the past few months – pigs, s***s and whatever it is, dogs – and I think it would be a catastrophe if he was president, for them, I’m not American, on that basis, it’s like going backwards in time.’

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