Father Spends Over N2m to Help Daughter Get ‘Good-looking Breasts’ (Photos)

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A girl whose father spent over N2million to help her get a new ‘good-looking breasts’ has showed off her new assets.

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A woman has showed off her new breasts after spending $9,000 (over N2milion) on surgery to realign her uneven breasts.

According to reports, Dara Bruce, 27, from Inglewood, Florida, says she feels confident wearing bathing suits and underwear for the first time since she was a teenager, following the operation in October.

The artist and part-time cleaner has now gone from and A and a C cup, to a D cup in both breasts – and it’s all thanks to her father.

The father, Daryl, 68 revealed that he used some of the proceeds from the sale of his house to pay for her surgery. He feels so proud to help her daughter get what she wants.

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Now, for the first time since she started puberty, Dara says she is happy to wear a swimsuit to the beach near her home. She has been unhappy with her body for years because of the uneven breasts which has been a source of embarrassment for her.

She explained: ‘My bust developed at around 12 or 13, but my breasts grew at different rates. I dealt with a lot of insecurity and depression as a teenager because of this.

‘At around 17, I visited the doctor and was told it was common for this to happen, but I wasn’t offered a solution.’

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