FCMB Dazzles at Ojude Oba Festival 2016 (photos)

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It was fun, excitement and an exhilarating celebration of culture at this year’s Ojude Oba Festival. As sponsors of the event, leading lender First City Monument Bank (FCMB) was expectedly highly visible.







Beginning with an imposing billboard welcoming attendees to Ojude Oba 2016, to branding across the entire Ijebu-Ode town and the exclusive Ankara worn by the FCMB delegates, the Bank truly added colour to this year’s festival in a unique way.

FCMB has explained that it’s continuous support of the Ojude Oba Festival ‎is borne out of its commitment to celebrate and preserve Nigeria’s cultural heritage, while also boosting the tourism sector, in line with the government’s ongoing drive to diversify the country’s economy.

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10 thoughts on “FCMB Dazzles at Ojude Oba Festival 2016 (photos)

  1. African culture in it's best display
    I love mother Africa
    African culture and tradition are the best
    I'm black and proud

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  2. And am sure on Sunday this people will still go to church for worship, Hmmmm M very sorry for them. A lots of drinking immorality, messing up around, fight and jealousy, hatred will go along with this celebration. No wonder the bible said, ye cannot eat at satan table and drinks from the Lords table, ye cannot serve 2 masters. For in vain they worship.me, thier heart is very far far from me, only with thier lip they worship me

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    1. You are still lost in world of religious slavery and colonialism
      The slave masters came here with the bible in one hand and the gun in the other to demonise everything Africa and to brainwash you and your like into despising your own God given culture and tradition which is far better than their's
      But these people still value their own tradition till today while many gullible folks like you are still stuck in the lies they fed you with about African rich tradition

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