Femi Fani-Kayode’s life currently in danger – Aide cries out

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According to reports, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) once again lived up to its billing of being used by the current administration for the sinister purposes of silencing the opposition under the guise of fighting corruption.


As expected and as earlier stated in his press statement, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode had already raised the alarm that he was going to be rearrested by the EFCC as the organisation whose operations have become easily predictable have graduated from being an investigative body meant to serve the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians to a vindictive institution willing to do the biddings of some vengeful cabal whose existence even the wife of the president confirmed recently.

Let it be on record that Chief Femi Fani-Kayode was held for 67 days in EFCC custody who used questionable orders from magistrates to perpetuate their illegality.

While in their custody he suffered all forms of abuses, trauma and even physical attacks from some of the agents of the Commission.

Their thinking was that all these torture and torments would be enough to silence him. But rather than being silenced, Fani-Kayode, to the consternation of his traducers, has remained faithful to his position right from the pre-election periods that this is a regime of evil men whose only purpose for wanting power was to waste their perceived enemies, their family members and all those associated with them.

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Is that not why despite the urgent need to tackle the economic recession they have plunged the country into, they have concentrated all their efforts on dealing with all members of the opposition and perceived enemies even including Honourable Justices of the Supreme Court. The re-arrest of Fani-Kayode is needless as much as it is reckless.

Immediately after he was granted bail by the courts, obviously to the disappointment of state agents, he had been on a recovery therapy as recommended by his doctors having suffered untold hardship in the hands of the EFCC. But realizing that their plans to torture him into silence did not work, the Commission immediately swung into action again by sending him another round of letters of invitation for some other imagined charges to which his lawyers responded promptly by informing the EFCC of his health conditions. Despite this, the Commission filed their fresh case against him at the Federal High Court Abuja in the Charge No.

FHC/ABJ140/2016 earlier this month but despite the presence of Fani-Kayode’s legal team, the EFCC were neither there nor did they send any representative nor was their legal team in court. The case was consequently adjourned to November 10, 2016 (Please, see attached). We are therefore aghast but not surprised that this latest action of the EFCC is in sync with the script writers of this whole episode to silence Fani-Kayode by hook or by crook.

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Words have filtered to us from credible sources within the presidency and the security agencies that the ultimate aim of those who are behind the former minister’s travails is to apply “extreme measures” on him. We have also been told that in security circles, that means to have him killed through the use of some poisonous substances that would break his health down irreversibly and eventually kill him even months after he might have been released so that the suspicion would not be at the doorsteps of state agents.

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If not, why allow Nenadi Usman (former minister of State of Finance) and Director of Finance in the PDP Campaign Organisation, Danjuma and others charged alongside Fani-Kayode to go and only him was re-arrested in the court premises? Our fears now are that nothing is beyond this government of sadists and fascists.

We call on the good people of Nigeria, democrats and lovers of this great nation to rise and demand that no Nigerian should be persecuted or assassinated based on his beliefs and or opinions on critical national matters. We are watching very closely, and should anything untoward happen to FFK, Nigerians of course know who to hold responsible even as we demand for his immediate and unconditional release now!

Thank you.

Jude Ndukwe SA (media) to Chief Femi Fani-Kayode

7 thoughts on “Femi Fani-Kayode’s life currently in danger – Aide cries out

  1. If Fani Kayode fails to get wise and if he continues in his childish and brash ways, it remains to be seen how he would not end up,destroying himself
    Fani Kayode from all indications talks and acts like a ten year old who constantly requires thorough spanking
    The bible says, in the book of proverbs,; " Save a f**l from trouble and be ready to save him many more time"

  2. We should call a spade a spade, and stop hiding under the guise that current administration is using EFCC to silence opposition. The question is, has he stolen or not? Corrupt politicians are shameless to the point that, they still wag their tongue even when evidences put against them clearly states that they are guilty of fraud.
    The time of your protégé who is currently hiding under immunity, would soon be up. Be patient!! In due course he will join you behind bars.

  3. FFK is ascribing unnecessary importance to himself. Self aggradisement, is the word. I really don't see whatever he thinks he is doing that should be troubling this administration. One thing he should know is that no matter what he says, he will be asked to come answer to whatever crimes he allegedly commits. He is asking why the other people he was charged with in the earlier case are not also re-arrested without him waiting to hear the charges for this particular case & then see whether he committed the offense with those people in this instant. Whatever attacks he believes he is giving this regime would have made sense if himself is clean, he should therefore concentrate on answering to the crimes he allegedly committed than trying to wip up unnecessary sentiments of anybody wanting him harmed,for unmerited self worth.

  4. I pity to read all the above comments. After you gonna claim you are in a democratic dispensation! Ask yourselves why the so called effcc is not arresting the people who pumped billions of naira into buhari campaign? Please try to have maturity before you comment any topic.

    1. Akalamagbo!
      The era of chop n clean mouth in which Nigerians suffered for 16 years are over. The same party ruled for 16 years which made if difficult to arrest members of their party. In those years no one was investigated talkless of making arrests, were there no fraudulent politicians at the time?
      We are in the era of accountability, which seems like a starting point towards the right direction.
      If the oppsition ever gets back into power, let them also investigate and arrest members of current ruling party and hopefully this ugly trend known as corruption will fizzle out of our system.

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