FG gets 14-day ultimatum to lift ban on rice importation

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According to reports, the Campaign for Democracy, CD, has given the Federal Government a 14-day ultimatum to lift the ban on rice importation, to help reduce premature deaths by suicidal actions by hungry and frustrated Nigerians.


National Publicity Secretary of CD, Dede Uzor Uzor, who gave the ultimatum in Onitsha, Anambra State yesterday, said since government does not have any incentive for farmers to produce enough rice for local consumption, there is no need banning importation of such an important commodity.

Describing rice as one of the favourite staples of every family, Uzor declared that “with Nigeria being unable to grow enough rice for the population of about 180 million, continued placement of ban on it would only aggravate the situation and cause more harm than good.”

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6 thoughts on “FG gets 14-day ultimatum to lift ban on rice importation

  1. @Henry you no go kill me with laughter. On a more serious note. The President should lift the ban on rice . If he really wants the support of Nigerians that will be a good step in the right direction. A hungry man is an angry man.

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  2. All these jobless, attention seekers should go and hide! First, CD, whatever they call themselves, should get their facts right. FG did not ban the importation of Rice, it only stopped that through the land borders, so if CD and these their "hungry and frustrated" Nigerians and who they can not encourage to grow rice locally, must eat imported rice, they are free to import as much as they want through our many seaports. CD's ultimatum is therefore completely uninformed and unnecessary!

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  3. i think am in full suport of that ideal , since our government is not yet to improve farming properly in our country , then , they should allow food importation in our country, no food , no money . This is the wost government i have never seen so far

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