Fisherman Captures Monster Lobster Weighing 14 Pounds (Photos)

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See the giant lobster a fisherman caught in the sea while fishing with his friends that everyone is talking about.




A fisherman left many people in awe after he caught a 14-pound lobster, thought to be the biggest ever.

The fisherman, Tristin Loescher from the Sanctuary Marine in Bermuda was fishing for grey snapper one night after Hurricane Nicole lashed the area, and instead, discovered an enormous, 14-pound lobster.

“Never in my life have I seen anything this big,” Loescher, who has been lobster diving for about 15 years, told “I think never in my life will I see one this big again.”

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Loescher said he estimated the lobster to be 30 or 40 years old, due to its size. He later returned the lobster to the ocean.

“After never seeing something that size before,” Loescher said, “I decided it was best for it to go back to the home he came from.”

The fisherman said he returned him back to the water, and went swimming with the creature for nearly a half hour before watching the lobster regain strength, and take off.

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