Former IGP, Solomon Arase, Establishes Law Practice

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Public service, like bullfighting, is a perilous art in which the public servant faces the danger of ravenousness and in which the degree of brilliance in the performance is left to the officer’s honour.


In public office, the one thing that does not abide by familiar greed is a person’s conscience and Solomon Arase certainly understands this fact. Unlike his more covetous peers, the former Inspector General of Police (IGP) nurtures no desire to perpetuate himself in public office or politics, that is why he has gone back to his law practice. As you read, the former IGP has established his law firm, Solomon Arase & Associates. Since his retirement from public service in July, Arase has been keeping away from public glare.

He is strong enough to keep the lid on his desires, to despise perversions, and become a whole man in himself; put precisely, he is polished and well-rounded. Arase would not be forgotten so easily in the Police Force. His enviable tact, humility, diplomacy and knowledge of statecraft established him as an uncommon cop. The NPF would surely miss him and Law would enjoy him so much.

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