Ghanaian Actress Flaunts Alluring Body Shape in New Photos to Mark Birthday

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One of the hottest actresses in Ghollywood has marked her birthday with a public declaration of her age with sultry photos to match.





Award-winning Ghanaian actress, Miss Lydia Forson took to her wall to share these alluring photos in celebration of her 32nd birthday.

Miss Forson claims she is 32 and that she is not ashamed of her age, rather she is proud to say it out for everyone to know. She added that she might even write the age boldly on a badge and move around with it.

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In her words, Miss Lydia wrote;

“I’m 32 years old today-yes-let me spell it out for you THIRTY-TWO. I’m not going to let anyone shame me into thinking I shoudn’t say it out loud, or believe that it’s a sign that I’m running out of time for what I do not know. Because for many instead of looking at age as a thing of pride, we have shrouded it in negativity. I lost a friend this morning due to cancer and it is dawned on me that she didn’t get to have this opporrunity. So I’m going to scream my age out loud, and wear it in a badge if I have to. Why? Because 32 years is how many mornings I have woken up and nights I’ve gone to bed. 32 is how many years I have inhaled and exhaled without skipping a beat. It’s the number years I’ve made it past Christmas, New Years, and other holidays, and more than anything is the number of years I’ve been able to say I’m alive, when others couldn’t.”

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