Governor Fayose Speaks On Herdsmen Attacks & EkitiGate Scandal (Watch Video)

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5 thoughts on “Governor Fayose Speaks On Herdsmen Attacks & EkitiGate Scandal (Watch Video)

  1. I wonder when the people of Ekiti will wake up to their civic responsibilities. And I wonder when gullible Nigerians would begin to have a rethink about those who govern them and how they are governed. While I'm far away from home, I regularly interact with close associates and family members about how Ekiti state people and their resources are administered. The responses I get all the time baffle me! And I can see from the two comments above that the orientation is the same. This is very unfortunate. It is only in Nigeria that people will steal and still brag about it. Based on his responses to the interviewer, it is clear that Fasoye collected money. Yet he bragged to the high heavens that the EFCC should wait until he has purloined the commonwealth! And surprisingly, too, some people could comment that the person is a 'correct man'. Oh how I pity Nigeria!

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  2. Fayose has declared Efcc persona non grata in Ekiti just as Wike continues to overreach himself relying on constitutional immunity forgetting that the intendment of the clause is to protect a sane occupant of the office of a governor not to shield an anarchist or a brigand erroneously elected into public office.

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