Guys, Listen Up! These are 5 Ways to Make Women Chase You

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If you have been an issue with women liking you in recent times, then you have to sit down and go through this now.

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1. Stand still

If you’re standing at a party using cheesy pick-up lines, you’ll never master the skills. Stop before your embarrass yourself. Work instead on your confidence and sense of mystery. Be the tall dark stranger at the bar and not the prattling teenager to build the tension that attracts women.

2. Build mystique

When you meet a woman or are introduced to her, don’t start off by telling her every little detail about your childhood. Again, build the mystery; don’t tell her your name until she asks you and offer no further information until inquired. Harness the power of ‘maybe’ when she alludes to future plans or interests instead of gushing to please.

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3. Hone the humour

Women look for humour, and it’s a great facade to hide behind. While she’s laughing uproariously, she’s also plotting ways to meet you more and get to know you better. Dry, perceptive wit is a sure winner.

4. Mind the games

Notice how the unattainable is the most desirable. Play hard to get by declining first advances and invitations and don’t pick up every call. Take longer to reply to texts, making her ache for you.

5. Thought counts

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Every girl likes to treated like a princess, but the anticipation makes it better. Before buying her roses, send her little texts like “thinking of you” or “wish you were here” so that she knows she’s in your thoughts.

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