Half-N*Ked Lap Dancers Caught on Camera Fighting Each Other in the Club Over a Client (video)

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Aggrieved lap dancers have engaged themselves in a serious warfare over a client right inside their club.


A rather chocking footage has emerged showing scantily-clad lap dancers seriously inside a club.

They were flinging punches at each other over a client.

The video begins with one of the girls sitting opposite her potential suitor next to the bar.

Wearing a tiny dress, she is engaged in conversation with the lad in an attempt to get him to pay for a dance.

In the foreground of the CCTV footage, another lass is pulling off her best pole dancing moves.

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Noticing the lad at the bar, she finishes her routine and wanders over.

With her colleague still engaged in a conversation with the bloke, the pole dancer starts to seduce him.

But her pal isn’t having any of it. She stands up and confronts her new competition before suddenly launching a blow to the face.

Within seconds, an all-out brawl breaks out as the two scrap on the floor.

Other clubgoers get out their phones to film the spectacle unfold.

A man working behind the bar rushes in to drag one of the women away while the original client holds back the pole dancer.

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For a few brief moments, calm is restored but it is short-lived.

The lap dancer comes storming into shot again, and starts to fling blows once more before going out of shot once more.

The clip – which occurred at a strip joint in Wisconsin, US – has been viewed more than 6,500 times since it was uploaded to video-sharing site LiveLeak.

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