Hirse’s kidnap like a scene from a horror movie -Eyewitness

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Mr. Samuel Pukat, an eyewitness who saw the abduction of Mr. Bagudu Hirse, has described the kidnap of the former Foreign Affairs minister as something “like a scene in a horror movie.”


Pukat, an Abuja-based businessman, told newsmen in Jos on Monday, that he was with Hirse when the gunmen pounced on him.

He said, “We were in Kaduna and decided to pay a condolence visit to Alhaji Mamman Daura over the death of the former Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Ibrahim Dasuki.

“Mamman’s wife is from the late Dasuki’s family, so we decided to show our concern, and arrived Daura’s house around 9.00 a.m.”

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He said they were first told that Daura had traveled and had made to leave after signing the condolence register.

“But just as we were moving to the car, a younger brother to Mamman came out and told us to wait for him (Mamman) to come.

“About the same time, two vehicles, on fast speed, drove into the compound and some gunmen in masks jumped out and headed directly to Hirse.

“My feeling is that they mistook him (Hirse) for Mamman because both seem to have the same stature and wear their caps the same way,” he said.

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The eyewitness said the men, after instilling fear in everyone in sight, grabbed Hirse by his big gown and dragged him to one of the cars, pushed him in, and drove off in high speed.

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