Horrific! Large Groups of “Deadly Zombies” Storm the Streets of London for World Zombie Day (Photos)

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Several “zombies” have flooded the streets for a festival, giving unsuspecting passersby the fright of their lives.

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Terrifying legions of the people dressed up as deadly zombies were unleashed in central London today – but they were under strict orders to be on their best behaviour.

Zombies may be renowned for devouring their victims’ brains and causing mayhem, but among the rules the bloodstained London brigade had to abide by was not walking in the road, and not freaking people out.

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The well-behaved mob were out in force for World Zombie Day, and collecting money for a homelessness charity.

Although their garb may have drawn inspiration from horror movies such as Dawn of the Dead, organisers of the charity event were keen for their monsters to stay out of trouble.

Zombies were quite sensibly warned not to bring fake weapons, in order to avoid a standoff between the undead and armed police.

Dozens of zombies turned up to mark the morbid occasion, and raise money for St Mungo’s Broadway.

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World Zombie Day is an international annual event that grew from Pittsburgh’s first ever Zombie Walk at Monroeville Mall in 2006 – the setting for Dawn of the Dead.

A lengthy list of rules was sent out to would-be zombies before today’s fundraiser. An organiser explained: ‘We’ve worked really hard to make sure this event is good zombie fun for everyone and has a good reputation so it can keep on going year after year.’

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    To worsen the matter, there are several wannabes and copycats in Africa who behave as if they want to become more Catholic than the Pope or to become more British than the queen

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