I Don’t Woo Women Anymore, They’re the Ones Chasing Me – Popular Actor, Mr. Ibu Reveals

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Popular comic actor, John Okafor aka Mr. Ibu, who is one of a few Nollywood practitioners that are naturally cut out for the roles that they play in the movies, has reflected on his blissful career.


Speaking in an exclusive interview with news men, popular Nollywood actor and comedian, John Okafor, who is known for his humorous acting and often characterised by stupidity, hilarious imbecility and a sharp disconnection from reality, reflected on his career, saying he has been publicly embarrassed by fans at different times and in several places.

“I quickly forgive them because I was the one that looked for trouble in the first place. On one occasion, somebody came to me and said, ‘Ibu, because of what your jokes have done to me and my family, I promised God that anywhere I meet you, I would slap your face.’ I told him to go ahead. Then he slapped me so hard that I couldn’t see clearly for two hours,” he says.

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Mr. Ibu obviously relishes his status as a popular and relatively comfortable Nollywood actor. It is doubtful that, given a choice, he would have given up acting for any other career.

Going down memory lane, the comic actor reveals that he used to be a boxer and a Karate practitioner. He admitted that only a few people are aware of this aspect of his personal history.

“I practised Shotokan Karate for 16 years and I was a member of the Karate Federation of Nigeria. I happen to be the first instructor that was teaching Karate in federal government colleges in Nigeria.”

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The actor who is no doubt, enjoying a blissful marriage was asked if he ever had a girlfriend before he got married, he replied, “I had problems with my relationships with women. Each time I had a new girlfriend, other men would always take her from me. Whenever I fell in love with a girl, somebody would snatch her from me. But I don’t fear any sense of loss because I married the best woman on earth. My wife is a former beauty queen. She was the winner of the 2004 Face of Imo beauty pageant.”

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But Okafor says that even now that he is happily married, women have not stopped coming to him for a date.

“I don’t woo them, though. They are the ones chasing me. That is part of the price I have to pay for being popular,” he said.

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