I Hate When People Say I Turned Myself Into a Woman – Nigerian Transgender, Noni Salma (Photos+ Video)

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A Nigerian man who successfully transitioned to a woman and now known as Noni Salma, has blasted Nigerians in a new interview saying she hates when people judge her decision to transition.



Speaking in an exclusive interview with Young Africa Media, popular Nigerian transgender, Noni Salma, whose original name is Habeeb Lawal, disclosed she wished she had transitioned earlier than when she did.

According to her, the only regrets she has about transitioning is that she didn’t do it when she was much younger.

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“My 20s was just full of emptiness. The only regrets I have is that I wished I transitioned way earlier. I wish I did it when I was in my teens”, Noni says she was convinced she was a girl when she was about 5/6 years old

“When I was 5/6 years old, I was convinced I was a girl and then people started telling people me about it,” she said

Noni who is formerly a man added that she doesn’t have a problem with Nigerians writing about her but she however doesn’t like it when she is described as a man who turned into a woman.

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“My problem is not about them putting out a story about me. It’s about how they put out the story, Nigerian man turns himself into a woman. I have never been a man. If you want to find out what transgender is, you need to find out.

“Identity varies. There are people who their identity matches the one they were assigned at birth. Good for them. There are people whose identity doesn’t match with the sex they were assigned at birth,” she said.

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