I will do everything possible to ensure Buhari re-contests in 2019 – Oyegun

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According to reports, the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, John Oyegun has said he will do everything possible including “fasting and prayer” to ensure that President Muhammadu Buhari re-contest the 2019 Presidential election, stressing that Nigeria will be better for it.


Explaining the rationale behind his remark, Oyegun claimed that only Buhari has the moral courage to ensure the change Nigerians need is actualized.

Oyegun stressed that the President is the only politician that has the capacity to win 12 million votes without major campaigns.

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Speaking in an interview, Oyegun said, “I will pray, fast to God that Buhari agrees to contest in 2019. If he contests, Nigeria will be better for it.

“My prayer is that we can get Buhari to re-contest in 2019. We don’t know his mind yet, but I will do anything in my power to ensure that he re-contests in 2019. Why? He is the only one who has the moral front and the courage to make the changes that Nigeria needs.

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“We need more than four years to get this country to subscribe to a new morality, a new ethic and turn its back on corruption of the very type we are trying to uproot now.

“There is no another Buhari in this country. Buhari is the only man who can command 12 million votes even without any major campaign. So, you can see the picture. Yes, there will be changes, the party will get new members or lose a few members, but there is no Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). So, there is no strong party any more to say you are going to join and strengthen it. It is only APC that is really a strong party.”

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Oyegun, has recently revealed that those against his continued stay as national chairman of the ruling party were politicians scheming to take over control of the APC ahead of the 2019 elections.

7 thoughts on “I will do everything possible to ensure Buhari re-contests in 2019 – Oyegun

  1. It is not enough to make him contest in 2019, can you make him win? You guys should be thinking about fixing the damaged economy @ this time, Nigerians will decide the fate of Mr President in 2019 base on performance, at the moment we are hungry and our businesses are closing down on daily bases, no raw materials to work and here you are mentioning 2019 when majority of Nigerians are regretting voting for you in 2015.

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  2. As chairman, Oyegun is in the bracket of the elites. Completely insensitive to the hunger and poverty in the land. Only thing on his mind is next election. Clueless about any solution to the economy. Just continue to enjoy free life on taxpayers money. What have you done for votes of 2015?
    Increase fuel price, devalued the naira brought misery. Elder statesman?

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