Identity of this N*ked Couple Romancing in a River Finally Revealed (Photos)

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The man who was spotted taking a swim in the n*de with his girlfriend in a local stream, has been identified.

These photos have been making the rounds on social media in recent times.

Needless to say, the photos which shows a nak*d man grabbing an equally naked woman in a stream as the took a swim, caused a serious buzz on social media.

Now the idenity of the man in the photo, has been revealed.

It has been revealed that the man is a politician in Kenya.

He has been identified as Hon Kahindi Geoffrey Muhambi who is a Ward representative of Kilifi North Constituency.

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A Kenyan Facebook user, Calos Arap Sung who shared the photos wrote:

“As Kilifi county is grappling with the loss of county funds to a tune of 51 milions, Mnarani MCA, Hon Kahindi Geoffrey Muhambi was busy using the same money doing what he does best”

While some people believe the photos were photo-shopped, others said the Honorable is very popular in the county for his randy behaviour.

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