“If you want the Igbo to stay & Nigeria to remain one, then treat us all as equals” – Femi Fani-Kayode

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In a message addressed to President Buhari, former minister of Aviation Femi Fani-Kayode reacted to the ‘Forget about Biafra’ statement the President made while speaking with some NYSC members who paid him a visit at his home in Daura, Katsina state during the Sallah holidays. FFK wrote:


“You bathed in the blood of Biafrans, you crushed their bones and stripped away their dignity and self-respect just to keep Nigeria one.

Now you say their children have no right to ask for self-determination simply because you killed their fathers and mothers during the war and shattered their dreams.

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Shame on you. If Nigeria was a normal country by now you would have been at the ICC answering charges of genocide and crimes against humanity at the Hague instead of being President.

If you want the Igbo or any other southerner to stay and if u want Nigeria to remain one then treat us all as equals, offer our children and our people equal opportunities and a public apology and pay full compensation for all the atrocities that you, your people and your forefathers have committed against the people of the south and the northern minorities over the last two hundred years.

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In addition to that you must defeat, destroy and dismantle Boko Haram, decommission your Fulani militias and herdsmen and put a stop to the marginalisation, threats, genocide, ethnic cleansing and mass murder of our people.

It is after you have done all these things that you can make an appeal to us for the continued unity of Nigeria.

Outside of that the Nigerian baby you are carrying and saying that you killed and died for during the civil war is already dead. It is only waiting to be buried.”

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8 thoughts on ““If you want the Igbo to stay & Nigeria to remain one, then treat us all as equals” – Femi Fani-Kayode

  1. This life, same FFK that asked for Igbos to be sent out of southwest, same FFK that demanded for Oduduwa republic, same man that attacked Bianca Ojukwu Stella Oduah, is today championing the Igbo cause. You can f**l others not people like me. He wants to cash on the sentiments of the Igbos, FFK is mischievous and knows how to attend to his ignorant audience.

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  2. I think this oga should be speaking for his own tribe, If the Ibos can not talk by themselves,they can let him know.

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  3. yes one ting I noticed abt d president is dat he is so indifferent in ethnic of the country and practice favouritisim ,so mr man keep low please fr d country ,

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  4. FFK is a b*****d son of his father and enough of this incitement from person of his age and caliber. Any tribe that doesn't want to stay in Nigeria (for any reason) has the right and full privilege in saying/doing so.

    Igbo tribe can and should be allowed to speak for themselves. If they need his legal services, they would call him.

    What was his achievements in aviation ministry? What in his life has he ever done to better the lives of common man? This is a challenge and he can publish same if he dares. Somebody who cannot even speak for his tribe, speaking for Igbo? Ile la ti n k'eso r'ode!.

    FFK should stop all these 'notice me' attitude and holier than thou appearances.

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  5. There he goes again,this big time idiot,Fani Kayode
    If anything, he sure is not a genuine friend of the Igbo
    Fani Kayode was the double faced and unreliable lout who once vilified the Igbo to the high heavens, calling them all sorts of derogatory names, for according to him,the Igbo claimed that Lagos is a no man's land
    He is only pretending to be Igbo advocate simply due to his falling head over heals for one pretty Igbo girl this time around
    Who knows what next Fani Kayode will do
    Surely, he is not a man to be taken seriously for his words

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