I’m still alive, my distracters want me dead – Masaba, man with over 100 wives

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According to reports, the Niger State-based Nigerian super polygamist with about 100 wives, Bello Abubakar Masaba, has debunked rumours in some section of the media that he is dead, adding that it is the handiwork of his distracters.


Masaba was rumoured to have died after a brief sickness in Bida, Niger State.

But there were no sympathisers or any suspicious mood for bereavement noticed as the ancient town of Bida is as normal as it has been.

The octogenerian, who spoke on the phone laughing, said the rumour was baseless and that he is neither sick nor dead.

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According to him: “My dear, I am very much alive, hale and hearty.

“This rumour is baseless.

“It is the work of my detractors because they are envious of what God is using me to do in the lives of people.

“I am seated outside and I am talking with you live and direct from my house in Bida.

“What I am doing is divine.

“It is an assignment and I will keep doing it till the end of time.

“I just want to advice those fighting against me to stop because such people are waging war against God, their creator.”

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It should be noted that Masaba had married 107 women, with 97 wives still with him after divorcing 10 and has had 185 children, with 133 still surviving.

7 thoughts on “I’m still alive, my distracters want me dead – Masaba, man with over 100 wives

  1. OK oh that God that you claim sent you.on assignment to do good by marrying 100wives deceiving and snatching people's wife with money and flashy things will definitely reward you very very well In Jesus Name. When will death not kill your it is appointed unto a man to die once after which is judgement. But think again and repent before it will be too late for you

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  2. Na workers him get for his farms and bands. No wife dare make trouble for him. Unless, she will never get her turn for two years, simple. He is pampered like a King. Wives competes to serve him, he eats only what he wants, and left over or rejected food served by wives is what the mass of children, if any near him will eat. And, as usual, all the male children are out with Alfa, who turns them to Almajiri begging in the street and bringing returns, or work in his farm as the Feudal lord in that locality. He has no worries, no workers Union to contend with, he is the bale of his community, and probably also the Alfa or Islamic leader whom no one must speak against, like by brothers' (Self anointed Pastors of today Church who claims to be collecting endless Osusu on behalf of God who needs nothing from mortal men other than Praise) according to the Bible at Hebrews 13:10-15. That the covenant through Moses which the Israelites refused to keep, upon which basis Tithes, Sabbath, unclean things were not eaten has been replaced by a better covenant by the ransom sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Hebrews 13: 7-12. And verse 13 of Hebrews Chapter 13 clearly stated, 'the new covenant has made the old obsolete. So, vanished. It is on account of selfishness, false religion pastors insist on collecting tithes, since their members would not bring money for their up keep and amass the great well without preaching Malachi 3:10 which is under the Mosaic covenant which has been replaced by the new covenant Jesus Ransom Sacrifice has brought all mankind to justify their greed. If they are still in the old covenant, why is Animal sacrifice, Sabbath not practiced?

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