Iraqi national team publicly sacrifice sheep so that they can qualify for Russia 2018 World Cup (PHOTO)

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Iraq’s national football team is still without a point in Russia 2018 World Cup qualification as they’ve lost their first three matches which include defeats to Australia (2-0), Saudi Arabia (1-2) and Japan (2-1) and face a must win home match against Thailand in their next qualifier game.

In order to qualify for the World Cup they decided to perform the most bizarre, fetish and strangest of practices on Tuesday as they slaughtered a sheep publicly as a ‘sacrifice to god’ so that luck and good will could befall them in their next home game against Thailand- because according to the team, except God acts, it’s impossible for them to qualify for Russia 2018.

In 2011, Turkish team Sivasspor slaughtered a sheep before a game with a Serbian team and won 4-1. In Iraq the practise is seen as an ancient and trust worthy one.

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4 thoughts on “Iraqi national team publicly sacrifice sheep so that they can qualify for Russia 2018 World Cup (PHOTO)

  1. f*****h being looking for #2000 and ended suffering and committing crime for his unwarranted action. He must pay for his deed.

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  2. I once asked my 300L Biochemistry students in an open test: Is God involved in the game of football?
    The answers were unimaginable... including stuff like the Iraqi guys did.

    Just expected points on energy storage/usage(lean muscle, glycolysis, etc), sports designer foods, enzymes, adrenaline, training, etc. They were busy quoting Bible and Quaran when it wasn't a philosophy class.

    Their opponents don't have God or god abi; if they are all his children who then will he answer!

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