Kano reduces cost of governance; cuts salaries, allowances

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Kano State Government said that it has taken some measures to ensure reduction in the cost of governance through payment of salaries and allowances.

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Gov. Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano State disclosed this during news conference on Saturday in Sokoto.

Ganduje Ganduje said that the state also needed to be prudent to cut all the necessary costs as every political holders are paid half salaries and allowances. “We have taken some measures but first of all we have to reduce the cost of governance, we also have to be prudent.

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“Whether you are commissioner, Member of board, Chairman of board, Special Adviser, they will be paid half salaries and allowances, all this is to reduce cost of governance.” he said. The governor explained that a strong political party should be able to maintain its members and the party.

3 thoughts on “Kano reduces cost of governance; cuts salaries, allowances

  1. Is the governor also affected by the salaries and allowances cuts? If yes, then the reduction in the cost of governance may just be tongue-in-check after all.

    If yes, then the governor have just set the best of example of the real Change Begins With Me campaign.

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  2. I thought had cut salaries by 50% few months after swearing??? Hope this is not another cut . Pls, have mercy on the people o

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