Kenyan Woman Hires Helicopter After Her Car Broke Down on the Highway (Photos)

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A Kenyan woman has taken internet by storm after she spent expensively to hire a helicopter after her car broke down on the highway.





A Kenyan woman has become the talk of town after she hired a chopper when her vehicle broke down in the middle of the road.

The curvy lady by the name of Corletta Okila sensing her expensive vehicle will take long to be repaired decided to call an Uber chopper to come and pick her up.

“So our car broke down in the middle of a highway and we had to call Uber chopper we’ll be home in 10 minutes thank God #ujaluo itatumaliza,” Okila posted on Facebook.

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Her recent antic has attracted serious debate online as many people the cost of hiring a helicopter which is quite expensive should have been used to help the needy in the society and not something to be used for bragging.

Some have even suggested that her money must come from a sponsor or male companion. But, all that are speculations as the woman has continued to trend on social media.

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6 thoughts on “Kenyan Woman Hires Helicopter After Her Car Broke Down on the Highway (Photos)

  1. Provided she made the money legally, please let her enjoy her money while also remembering the needy.

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  2. This story is made-up. Where is her"expensive" car that broke down on the highway? I can see the highway but "expensive" car? Sorry, I can't see any!

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