Listen to your wife – Reps tell Buhari

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Some members of the House of Representatives, yesterday, threw their weight behind wife of the President, Mrs Aisha Buhari, for her bravery in speaking out on the state of the All Progressives Congress, APC-led administration in Nigeria.


The lawmakers’ verdict was unanimous at the weekend as they advised President Muhammadu Buhari to listen to his wife’s counsel and use it to better his administration.

Chairman of the House Committee on Legislative Budget, Timothy Golu, in his reaction to the first lady’s interview with BBC, said Mrs. Buhari was closer to her husband than any other person and as such, understood him better.

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He said: “She’s drawing her husbands attention to issues that sycophants around him would not tell him. But she has come out with the truth and is saying it because she loves the husband.”

“She is closer to the man (Buhari) more than any other person and since she has voiced this out, the husband should take it and review some of his actions and decisions.

“It will not be good for the President to ignore the complaints from the wife. She has been with him and is disturbed by certain things happening around the husband, so it’s natural for her to talk.”

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Speaking almost in the same vein, Ehiozuwa Johnson Agbonayinma, Egor/Ikpoba Okha Federal constituency, said the first lady’s interview had vindicated most of them who had continuously maintained that the President had been hijacked by a cabal.

He called on Nigerian women to rally round the first lady and support her “in her campaign to save Nigeria from the hands of a few selfish individuals.”

He also noted that the first lady must have swallowed her worry for long and had decided to speak out in frustration.

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12 thoughts on “Listen to your wife – Reps tell Buhari

  1. Is good to listen to ur wife but always seek the face of God in every decision u are to make for God to direct u always

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  2. PMB knows what he is doing. Politics is a dirty game. PMB does not want his wife to be involved in politics that is why he cool down the tension. Meanwhile, we should learn from history.

    Stella Obasanjo was giving too much power, we know what happened. Turai Yaradua was involved in politics, we knew the result. Mama Patience Jonatha case is very fresh, too much power and involvement in politics to the extent that nobody see GEJ without paying huge amount of money to mama Peace, what end it, GEJ failed due to wife involvement in politics.

    Not all that is glitter is GOLD. Let leave PMB alone and pray for him. God will see him through, though he should listen to advise and make use of the good ones. PMB can not satisfy 170M people.

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  3. Those hypocritical members of rep should first listen to Jubrin and kick out Dogara and other of their members accused of budget padding before advising Buhari

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  4. Well done Aisha. You played a big role in the success of your husband winning the presidency. You're highly learned too. You need to advise him as mother of the nation which I'm sure you have done inside the room but due to hardness of heart he refused to listen to you. Please don't stay in the kitchen or room.

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