Listen Up Ladies, These Are The 9 Types of Husband You Must Never Marry

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Are you a woman looking for the right man to marry? Then, you must avoid these types of men if you want peace in your home.

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1. BACHELOR HUSBAND: Does things on his own without consulting wife. Hangs out a lot with friends more than wife. Not serious about marriage life.

2. ACIDIC HUSBAND: Is always boiling like acid and always angry violent, moody, dominating and very dangerous.

3. SLAVE HUSBAND: Wants to be treated like a King but treats Wife like a Slave. Likes wife to perform old tradition respect and hates being called by their first name.

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4. GENERAL HUSBAND: Husband for every woman. loves and cares for girlfriends more than his wife. Likes giving money to girlfriends and has more female friends.

5. DRY HUSBAND: Very moody and stingy, not romantic, doesn’t consider wife’s emotions, doesn’t make the relationship enjoyable. Has no sense of humor.

6. PANADOL HUSBAND: Uses wife as problem solver, only loves wife when needing something from her. Is clever and knows wife’s weaknesses and capitalizes on that to get relief from wife.

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7. PARASITE HUSBAND: Lazy and only loves wife for the sake of money. Uses wife’s money on girlfriends. No initiative and does not help wife with house responsibilities.

8. BABY HUSBAND: Irresponsible and childish and can’t make decisions on his own without asking his Mother or relatives; compares Wife to relatives and runs to them always if something goes wrong.

9. VISITING HUSBAND: Not always at home, comes as a visitor. Provides family all material things but has no time for them.

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The best you can ever have is a CARING HUSBAND; one who is caring and loving. Provides material and emotional needs and makes time for family. Guides home spiritually. Very responsible and treats wife as partner and helper.

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