Man showcases car made from ‘local wood’ at Abuja Expo (Photos)

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9 thoughts on “Man showcases car made from ‘local wood’ at Abuja Expo (Photos)

  1. Made of wood again. Please you guys should government's read about the history of man's attempt at making cars before celebrating this as greatness. Greatness was achieved centuries ago when mandiscovered that rather than wooden chariots etal we could metal and recently synthetic fibre to design lighter cars. Going back to a wooden car is therefore not greatest but an attempt at the absurd. This same car was showcased last year and same analogy made by real car enthusiasts and manufacturers.

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  2. If this one come get accident, how he go bi. Straight to the woods. But the car is good for the circus. Technology, don pass this one. Bole ke-ja na wood bodi with some metal in front. Now, na fibre. The man try sha!!

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