Man Strips Totally N*ked with His Pregnant Babymama in Maternity Shoot Gone Viral (Photo)

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A black couple has taken the popular ‘Maternity Shoot’ to a whole new level after a man stripped alongside his babymama in a photo-shoot gone viral.


The above photo from a maternity shoot of a lovely couple has been making rounds on social media since it emerged online, and it has generated a lot of mixed reactions and criticisms.

The viral photo reveals how a man decided to do the unthinkable by stripping totally nude with his babymama who also went unclad for a maternity photoshoot as they expect their new baby.

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The identity of the lovely couple and where the photo was taken, were not ascertained as at the time of filing this report.

7 thoughts on “Man Strips Totally N*ked with His Pregnant Babymama in Maternity Shoot Gone Viral (Photo)

  1. The world is really turning into something else with the people are doing things!!!what do we call this now??Nonsense

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  2. We won't be surprised to see people walking nakedly to work. Every day they are getting closer that.

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  3. These are demons possesed human. A Norman and average human being will never do this. These are distraction devil is using to distract humanity on what is about to.happend to the world. It will shock all those who are not prepared. It's better for them all to repent now before its too late. Jesus is Coming Soon. A great tribulation is coming upon the world. The wrath and judgement of God about tocome

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