Man Who Enjoys S*x with a Beautiful Silicone S*x Doll Plans to Propose Soon (Photos)

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A man who is madly in love with his beautiful silicone s*x doll has made plans to propose to the inanimate partner.




A man who enjoys life having s*x with his £2,500 (over N1m) s*x doll has revealed that he doesn’t care if people judge him for getting intimate with lifelike silicone creation as he has made plans to propose to it.

It was reported that Phil, 58, from St. Helier on Jersey, regularly takes his inanimate companion, known as ‘Trish’, down to the local pub for nights out with his friends – and some people in the Jersey town now even say hello directly to the doll.

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The man has opened up about his life with the blonde s*x doll saying that he loves styling her for glamorous photoshoots and even plans to propose.

The doll named Trish enjoys lavish fashion as Phil makes sure she is perfectly dressed up for nights out and his friends, who have come to accept the doll as his ‘partner’.

One resident also said: ‘It’s a small island so most people know each other. He probably gets a lot of stares because it is a bit off the wall isn’t it?’
While answering a woman who once questioned him about his choice of life partner, he told the woman she’s as the same the ‘millions of women who own vibrators.’

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While Phil admits to getting intimate with the expensive sex doll, he says he doesn’t mind whether some people might find the idea of that strange.

Phil says: ‘I’m never going to be one of these who denies having sex with them. There you go. Whether people judge me for that or they don’t, I don’t care.’

He also says: ‘I’m not delusional, but it’s really great to have someone really beautiful to just sit and look at and admire sometimes, you don’t even have to touch them, they’re just there.’

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Phil plans to get down on his knees and propose to the doll as he has already bought a ring.

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