Meet the Couple Who Has Lived in a Cave for 54 Years (Photos)

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In what will come across as a rather shocking development, a couple has been found out to have lived inside a cave for several decades.








A Chinese man, Liang Zifu, and 81-year-old man and his 77-year-old wife Li Suying have lived inside a cave for several years.

The couple even raised their four children inside the cave which is located near Nanchong city in southwest China’s Sichuan province.

Accoding to reports, the couple has been living in the cave for the past 54 years.

The couple first moved to the cave because they couldn’t afford building a house for themselves in the village when they first got married. Liang then settled a place in cave for him and his wife and moved in.

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The cave house now has three bedrooms, one kitchen, a living room and even a pigsty.

Local authorities have been trying to persuade the couple to move out for a better place to live in, but the couple declined and said they have got accustomed to their cave house, which is cooler than outside in summer and warmer in winter.

However, the couple said they sometimes get “a feeling of loneliness” as their children have grown up and moved out.

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